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Northwoods Software is a high performing advertiser on Stack Overflow. 

Julie Loschiavo, Marketing Manager at Northwoods Software, sat down with us to share her advice for creating a great developer-first marketing strategy. 

Know your audience

Our early Stack Overflow advertising was packed with tiny text, we used animations, and we didn’t even have a picture of a diagram on the ad.

Since then, our developer marketing strategy has really focused on what developers are looking for.

Developers aren’t looking for ads, so the goal is to make our ads not look like ads.

We just show cool looking diagrams that would be interesting to a developer.

We use the advertising space we have to showcase diagrams - things a developer can relate to and see themselves using - rather than focusing on a logo or a slogan.

We focus more on the product than our company. We trust, and have seen supporting data, that the users in the market we’re targeting will find out about our company when they click on our engaging ads.

Taking the developer interest and thinking about that first and foremost has really been one of the reasons why our marketing strategy has been so successful.


Give them what they want

When developers come to our website, they see our samples library immediately. Our samples library is one of the most important marketing tools we have. 

Developers can click into any of the 200+ samples, interact with the diagrams live, and then use that code in their own application.

It gets them playing around with everything our product can do right away.

Make it easy to learn

We have many tutorials - from beginner, getting started tutorials, all the way through more sophisticated and niche guides.

We produce video tutorials in addition to our written out versions. Some people are more visual learners and we wanted to have a channel for these developers to learn how to use the product, rather than just offering written options.

Be a part of the community

One of our engineers, Simon Sarris, who built GoJS, is a top contributor on Stack Overflow. His answers have reached more than 4 million people over the years.

That’s great for us because we can position ourselves in the broader community - we’re seen as always having a solution and being active problem solvers. It’s helped expand our reach beyond just our own community.

Watch the full video interview here.

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