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The first step in knowing how to effectively engage with developers is to truly understand them. What technologies do they enjoy working with? Where are they located? What makes them click (or not click) on an advertisement?

Each year, we survey the programming community on topics ranging from their favorite technologies to their preferences in online ads. Over 100,000 respondents from around the world participated this year, making it the world’s largest and most comprehensive developer survey. Discover what it really takes to engage with developers in a competitive market with The State of Developer Engagement 2018.

39% of developers say that relevancy is the most important part of an ad. 

The relevancy of an ad can come down to the copy of the ad, the call-to-action on the ad, or even who the ad is targeted to. Be sure to think of all three when you're creating ads for developers.

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Over half of developers enjoy seeing online updates from companies they like. 

Over half of our respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoy seeing online updates from companies they like. If you've already built trust with developers over time as a brand, then you have less to worry about here. 

33% of developers said that free trials are the least important part of an ad. 

Developers are not swayed by free offers in advertisements. Don't have your ad copy lead with a free offer, as it isn't likely to grab a developer's attention. 

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