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Developers avoid clicking on banner ads that don’t provide any value and disrupt their workflow. Take advantage of three carefully selected ad units on Stack Overflow and give your brand maximum exposure to the world’s developers without preventing them from finding the programming answers they’re looking for.

Sidebar : 300x250

This ad unit is the only one that users with a reputation above 200 will see.

Top Leaderboard: 728x90

This ad unit is the most visible on the site.

Middle Leaderboard
Mid-page Leaderboard: 728x90

This ad unit is only shown when there are two or more answers to a question.

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$10,000 minimum spend per month. Targeting by tag, geo, reputation Tag sponsorships    
Stack Overflow Advertising Banners

Banner Specifications

  • All ads must be static image files (no animation) with a max file size of 40k
  • Creative should be sent for approval 5 business days prior to campaign launch
  • All ads with a white or light border must include a dark/black 1x1 pixel border
  • Third-party ads will be approved on a case-by-case basis
  • Third-party creative tags must be SSL/TLS-compliant
  • Ads that mirror the Stack Overflow interface will not be accepted
  • Ads must contain a clear logo or brand
  • Ads containing another company’s logo or brand need to provide express permission for use
  • Per IAB terms and conditions, Stack Overflow reserves the right to reject ads that are deemed inappropriate for our community

Stack Overflow Ad Targeting


Take your ads to the next level by targeting them to the most relevant developers
by geography or technology tags on Stack Overflow.

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