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Tag Sponsorships on Stack Overflow are a great way to gain additional exposure and establish your company as a true authority in the technology space your target audience operates in every day.

What’s a tag?

Questions and answers on Stack Overflow are categorized by technology “tags”, which allow users to quickly find the solutions they need based on the programming languages they use.

The impact of
a tag sponsorship:

Boost Your Exposure
Boost Your Exposure
to the Right Audience.

During a typical campaign, your ads will appear on your desired technology tag 25% of the time. Tag Sponsorships give you 50% of this share of voice on a technology tag, giving you increased exposure to the specific programming languages you’re targeting.

Unique Branding
Unique Branding Opportunities

Create a custom ad unit to showcase at the top of a technology tag’s main page on Stack Overflow, where you can include your company’s logo and five (5) links to promote your messaging further.

Take Ownership
Take Ownership of Your Proprietary Technologies.

Own a trademark for a popular programming language? Tag Sponsorships give you the ability to add your logo directly to the technology tag on Stack Overflow for the duration of your sponsorship.

Ready to start
your ad campaign?

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$10,000 minimum spend per month. Targeting by tag, geo, reputation 





Tag Inventory
  • 50% SOV of tag impression inventory:
    Top Leaderboard, Sidebar, Mid-page Leaderboard

Asset Requirements
  • Up to 5 text links, max of 80 characters (including spaces) per link
  • Destination URLs
  • 100x100 logo (static image)
  • Logo on tag:
    For copyright holders only, 18x16 static image, Transparent background recommended