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Post by Rich Moy on Jul 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Summer might seem like a traditionally “slow” period for developer hiring, but candidates are just as concerned about a hiring slowdown during this season. This means that summer represents a major opportunity to find and hire the developers your company needs. To give you some added inspiration, we rounded up some of the best developer job listings that we saw on Stack Overflow in 2016.

1. Senior Back-End Engineer, Core Platform (Python/Django) at RideCell

This job listing by RideCell does a few things really well. For starters, the job title includes the seniority, the platform, and a couple of key programming languages, which gives developers a clear picture of what the job entails. It also gives candidates a lot of information about what the company does, what it stands for, and who they’ll be working with.


2. Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer at Altair

Altair’s developer job listing makes it easy for candidates to envision what a day in the role would be like. Not only does it describe its key product in detail, but we love that the company opted to include a video to show developers who they’ll be working with, what they’ll be working on, and why the company is a great place to work.


3. Full Stack Developer - Small Company, Big Opportunities at Vodori

The job title on this listing by Vodori really shines. It’s transparent, exciting, and the creativity draws candidates in. Once you click into the listing, you see that it’s much more than a solid job title. The listing gives candidates a lot of motivation to apply by showing them the impact they’ll have, plus they provide plenty of details about their incredible engineering culture.


4. Java Platform Engineer at Wallaby Financial

It’s clear that Wallaby Financial understands that you don’t need to overwhelm candidates with flashy developer job listings. The first paragraph of this listing tells candidates how they’ll impact the business—which is largely focused around a major consumer pain point. Additionally, they give candidates a good idea of the tools they use and how they approach development, especially in their inclusion of the Joel Test.


5. Senior Software Engineer at Motus

Rather than focusing on what the candidates can do for them, Motus uses a good portion of this job listing to tell developers how they’ll impact the company and the lives of their customers. The job listing also shows developers a unique list of perks, including mentorship programs and flex time for projects outside of their daily responsibilities.


6. Sr. Software Engineer - JavaScript SDKs at Twilio

We love that Twilio not only tells candidates that they’ll have a real impact, but that they also encourage candidates to challenge them on maintaining high technical standards. Developers want to know they’ll be working with other smart people—and that they’ll be able to have a level of control over their work and the decisions the team makes.


7. Senior Full Stack Engineer, Data Science (U.S. Based) at Adroll

Adroll does a lot of things well in this tech job listing, including their concise job description and clear “must have” and “nice to have” subsections in the Requirements section. But what really stands out is their attention to detail on their “About Adroll” section. There’s a clear statement about what the company stands for and how they treat employees, their current funding status, and a video featuring some of their current employees.


8. Senior Software Engineer at Flip.to

Although it’s not the longest job listing, there’s a lot going on here —and that’s a good thing. Flip.to shares an outline of the typical projects and day-to-day of one of their engineers, a robust section about the company, and some clear “nice to have” requirements that they make obvious are not necessary for a successful candidate to have.


9. Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Crystal

We appreciate the care Crystal took to tell a story about their growing company. They understand that because they’re just getting started, many developers might not have heard of them. Despite this, their job listing does a great job of getting candidates excited about helping them scale the business over the next few years.


10. iOS Developer - Swift at Starling Bank

Starling Bank took a different approach to this job listing. Rather than bogging candidates down with a lot of details about the job, they spent more of their energy in the About Us section, in which they debunk a lot of the misconceptions they know candidates have about the banking industry. In doing so, they also show developers what makes this opportunity incredibly exciting.


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