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Post by Rich Moy on Mar 22, 2016 12:00:00 PM

While it’s important to hire developers who are capable of working with your current technology stack, it’s just as crucial to understand that the best candidates are often tinkering with new programming languages in their spare time. Our CEO Joel Spolsky once wrote that extracurricular projects are a good indication of a developer’s passion for their craft, and asking them to describe what they’re working on often makes the best candidates forget they’re in an interview. However, considering that the importance of this passion for coding is crystal clear, the question then becomes, which new tech languages are developers interested in using this year?



Based on what we learned this year from our annual developer survey here are the 10 technologies developers want to use more in 2016, as well as the languages they love using as part of their tech stacks.

The 10 Most Wanted Programming Languages

  1. Android

  2. Node.js

  3. AngularJS

  4. Python

  5. JavaScript

  6. React

  7. Swift

  8. MongoDB

  9. Arduino/Raspberry Pi

  10. C++

The 10 Most Loved Programming Languages

  1. Rust

  2. Swift

  3. F#

  4. Scala

  5. Go

  6. Clojure

  7. React

  8. Haskell

  9. Python

  10. C#

We have consistently re-emphasized the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest technology trends for engaging developers during the technical interview process. This knowledge should also impact how you evaluate candidates before advancing them to the initial interview stage. With the competition for tech talent as fierce as ever before, use your knowledge of modern programming languages to your advantage and be flexible about job descriptions for top candidates. As Max Horstmann—a Full-Stack Web Developer here at Stack Overflow—recently suggested, “If a great engineer wants to continue working on his or her side project, make that part of the job.”

Your team’s willingness to incorporate emerging technologies isn’t only beneficial to the candidate. In fact, while the more traditional tech languages have long track records of solving business problems, many tech teams recognize when even the most popular technologies aren’t enough. As Peter Wayner told InfoWorld, “Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to find the right language, where the right structure makes the difference while offering that extra feature to help your code run significantly faster without endless tweaking and optimizing.” Knowing the technologies developers want to work with is a great start, but don’t be afraid to ask your tech team for additional context around how some of these emerging technologies could impact the entire business' trajectory. Your ability to discuss the particular influence of lesser-used languages will set you and your company apart when you engage with candidates.

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