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Between job boards, applicant tracking systems, advertisements, events, and employee salaries, the costs of a successful recruiting team can be high. This especially rings true if you’re a small team (or even your company’s lone recruiter).

Here are a few easy ways you can improve your tech recruiting without spending a dime.

Optimize Your Employer Brand for Search

When you Google your company’s name, what are the top results you see? Are they properties you own or have control over? Or are they owned by someone else? While SEO is always changing (and you can’t just rank for whatever you want whenever you want), you can work to take up more real estate on the front page. Developers will research your company, so be sure to include the items they care about when creating these online profiles.

Here are a few sites you should set up a profile on, all of which typically show up in the first few pages of search results for most companies:

  • Social media sites of your choice – Most companies have social profiles specifically geared towards current employees or potential candidates. You know best where your audience hangs out, so create profiles on those platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube are all great starting points (basic, but important). 
  • Company databases/employer review sites – Think back to the last time you took a job. What websites did you visit to do research on the company you’re applying to? Sites like Glassdoor, The Muse, CareerBliss, and Great Place to Work are a few of the most popular options. Set up your company profile by filling out relevant information, such as your company’s mission statement, benefits, and more.
  • Niche websites for your industry/location – If you’ve already created profiles on the popular sites above, the next step is to think of niches. Where is your company located/where do you recruit most employees from? Find websites specific to those areas, like BuiltinNYC, an online community for NYC startups.

Brush Up on Your Boolean Search Skills

There are so many free resources available online that range from basics for beginners to advanced strategies for specific roles. In the tech world, Boolean search is extremely important – you can’t just type in “senior developer” and expect to find your ideal candidate. You need to include technologies, languages, and other descriptors to see better results.

Here are a few resources we recommend (full disclosure: a few of these are our own):

What low-cost recruiting strategies work for you and your company? 

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