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Post by Will Cole on May 17, 2013 10:41:00 AM

Today, we're excited to announce a brand new offering to employers -- a company page on Careers 2.0 to showcase the cultural elements that define your company. Job listings on Careers 2.0 are great, and they work. However, even the best listings can’t convey some of the most important aspects in the minds of job seekers during their search: What is this company really like? Why this company and not the other ten that show up in my search? Do other smart people work here?

With Company Pages, we've focused on the best ways to tell an interesting company story. And what better way to tell your story than with massive photos of workstations, team outings, hackathons, local attractions, and the people who make the companies who they are? There are tightly designed sections to list your company tech stack and benefits, along with plenty of room to be creative and communicate what makes your company special, what awesome products you're working on, and the philosophy that drives your team forward.

One feature of Company Pages we’re particularly excited about is the people section. When we ran the 2012 Stack Overflow survey, we learned that the #2 most important data point to programmers evaluating an employer was the existing team. Good people want to work with other good people. The people widget allows companies to invite their best developers into the Careers 2.0 world and feature them where job seekers need to see them most, next to the jobs they’ll be applying for.

Company Pages are ultimately an extension of the job listing, and developers will find them in their normal job search on Careers 2.0. Search results now feature a tab for both job results and companies, and sections of the Company Page are integrated into job listings.

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