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Starting today, when you use our ATS to manage applicants to your job listings, candidates with profiles will be able to ask questions or offer feedback on your job openings—before they apply. Here's how it will look to candidates on your published listing: 


Our goal for Stack Overflow is to fix parts of the technical hiring process that are broken—both for candidates and for employers. And it had been bugging us that candidates typically can’t learn more about a role until they’ve already gone through the effort to apply. It seemed backwards: Questions like, “But can I work remotely?” and “Do I really need experience in your tech stack?” should inform someone’s decision to apply—not be treated as an afterthought to the application.

We know that every developer looks for something different in a job and comes equipped with a unique background. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that your “perfect hire” will perfectly fit your “on-paper” description. At Stack Exchange, some of our best hires are actually those with mixed backgrounds—like hiring a developer for a .NET position who has only previously worked in Python. You may never think to include that degree of versatility in your job description, but we’ve learned that at the end of the day, it’s passion, work ethic, and that “smart and gets things done” mentality that makes us say yes.

Let’s face it: For the right candidate, everyone makes exceptions to the rules. We added this feature so you won’t need to worry about missing out on superstars.

From now on, when candidates with profiles review listings on our job board, they can either “Apply now” or “Ask a question.” When a candidate asks a question, you’ll receive their message along with access to their profile so you can learn more about them. (Like we said, everyone makes exceptions for the right candidate – so your answers may depend on the person who’s asking.) 

We built this to get more conversations going between awesome developers and your company. Both sides will make more informed decisions, and ultimately you'll receive more qualified applicants and won't miss out on anyone for unforeseen reasons.

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