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In our continuing quest to get more and better programmers applying to your jobs we launched Company Pages back in May. The responses have been great. In a little over three months, more than 800 companies started sharing their stories with the Stack Overflow community using their published company pages.

Shortly after launch, we had an idea. We wanted to see if we could take this even further and get the community to engage with companies by creating a whole new product. It would be an exclusive ad offering tightly integrated with Company Pages that gets your company’s story right in front of programmers as they’re doing what they’re more and more frequently doing these days...browsing, asking, and answering questions on Stack Overflow.

Company Pages


So we started an experiment. We took the information on company pages and created a few different kinds of ads



We took a few companies that created beautiful pages and started running the ads on Stack Overflow. And we waited. We measured the performance of the ads over a few months and found they were outperforming our existing Job Listing ads by a pretty decent margin. They were also outperforming banner ads that run in the same space.

We couldn’t wait to share that success with you and today, we’re proud to announce: Company Page Ads. Here’s what you need to know:

Company Page Ads Are Easy

If you’ve published a Company Page, we have ads ready and waiting that can be running on Stack Overflow in minutes. No graphic designers. No creative. We automatically generate beautiful, engaging ads that highlight the best parts of your company’s story. Then we automatically optimize them for you. That means when one of your ads engages the community more than your other ads, we show that ad more frequently getting you better, more effective exposure for your recruiting dollar.

Publish your page, purchase your ad package, and activate it. Those three steps get your company’s story in front of the biggest audience of programmers in the world.

We offer two 30 day Company Page Ad packages: Standard for $1000 and Premium for $2500.


In the standard package, your company will be featured in the sidebar on Stack Overflow. We take copy and images from your Company Page and highlight your benefits, your current open positions, and people who work at your company.

Featured spot in the sidebar.

In addition to your featured place on the sidebar, we won’t show ads for any other company when we show ads for yours. This means you don’t compete for eyeballs. When we show the community your company, we show them your company alone.


We’re really excited about Premium Company Page Ads because it offers something we’ve never done before:

When your Premium Company Page Ad runs it takes over Stack Overflow.


When we show your Premium Company Page Ad, your company takes up all of the ad space on the page. In addition to your featured place in the sidebar, you also get up to two leaderboard spots per page view that act in concert to show off the best of your company. The first leaderboard ad can be about your company’s benefits, the second about your company’s open positions, and your sidebar ad can be about who works at your company. The three ads come together to tell your company’s story in a compelling way and expose developers to the information they care about.

Ad Types

With Company Page Ads, we highlight better, deeper information about companies than any other site in the world. We took the information from our 2012 Stack Overflow User Survey to design some new ads that show programmers the information they care about.

For example: the #2 thing programmers care about when evaluating a job opportunity is whether or not they will have smart co-workers. We took that idea and designed an ad that highlights coworkers you’ve invited to your company page and their interests. The results of our early testing show that the coworkers ad is one of the best, performing well in both the leaderboard and the sidebar.

Co-workers Ad

In addition to the co-workers ad, we also show off your current open job listings and benefits that your company offers. These ads use your company’s logos, photos and words to go beyond just job listings and pitch developers on issues that matter to them. Your brand is front and center with every impression.

So what’s next? Well, a lot. We’re building in-depth reporting, will continue to improve ad optimization, and will be incorporating Company Page Ads to be featured in addition to Stack Overflow. If you haven’t already, set up your own Company Page today. And if you like what you see, be one of the first to boost your recruitment on Stack Overflow by running a 30 day Company Page Ad.

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