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Post by Erin Gray on Oct 31, 2013 11:06:00 PM

In today’s market, you compete against more than four other companies every time you need to hire a developer. So if you want your job opening to attract outstanding candidates, you’ll need an outstanding job listing. We crunched the data from more than two years of listings on Stack Overflow and noticed that the best performing listings yield an average apply rate of 31%, compared to only 3% for the lowest performers. But the best listings weren’t necessarily from the “best” or the “coolest” companies – it turns out that developers respond more when certain elements are included in the listing itself. Used correctly, these guidelines can increase your application rate by up to a factor of 10.

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Post a Punchy Job Title 

You can use up to 60 characters of space for your job title, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Try including a brief description such as “Fun, Fully Funded London Startup” and mention the main technology for the role, which gives jobseekers a sense of what type of work they will do and can increase the application rate by up to 25%.

Consider Remote Workers

Jobs marked “allow remote” typically receive about 3-6 times as many views and applicants as those that don’t offer this option.

Make Your Job Description Exciting

Read over your description carefully – does it sound like a job you would want to take yourself? Even if the work is not inherently “cool”, find an interesting story to tell about this opportunity. Give an example of the type of problems or puzzles that candidates will need to solve. Explain how this job matters in the bigger picture of your company and give candidates a reason to get excited about your mission. If it’s your first time posting with us, developers may be unfamiliar with your brand, so make sure you describe what your company actually produces – and give examples if you can.

Simplify Your Skills & Requirements

CAUTION: This is NOT the place for a lengthy bullet-point list of qualifications – listings with a lot of bullet points generally fall among the lowest performers. Instead, state your needs, but be clear, concise and practical. If you’re looking to fill a senior-level role, eliminate requirements such as “good team player” and “strong communication skills” – these should be implied. Just stick to the technical guts of the job – though any extras such as “Must love dogs” can add a nice, personable touch.

Use All 5 Keyword Tags

You get five keyword tags for your post: Use all of them! Tags help developers search and find job opportunities. Tagged posts also receive 40 - 60% more views than untagged posts.

Let Your Company Culture Shine

Job listings that link back to a Company Page receive 40% more views. Why? As it turns out, developers care about a lot more than money when choosing a job. Whether you’ve got a fantastic team, great management, an incredibly interesting product, unlimited sick days, or two monitors for everyone, any extra perks set your company apart. And don’t forget your company mission – developers want to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. You can set up your company page in just 15 minutes at s.tk/companypage.

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