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Whenever we build something, the first question on our minds is, “How can we get employers and developers together in the quickest, most efficient way?” With the initial release of candidate search, we did just that. This let you search through profiles of willing and able programmers and see more details than what’s typically covered in a two-paragraph cover letter and generic resume.

Our initial version offered simple searching via technology tags. Because we only indexed the tags a user added to their profile, we could give employers a large pool of relevant candidates, but there was no way to further refine the search. It took a lot of time to read through profiles. We also had several infographics. Although these were nice looking, they didn’t actually DO anything.


Several months ago, we updated the candidate search to what I like to think of as version 1.1. We always supported searches using AND or OR, but it was buried underneath the “advanced search.” With this update, we finally support using AND or OR within the search query.


While this wasn’t a huge improvement, it laid the groundwork for future improvements.

What do we have now? Bam! Candidate search version 2.0!


Now you might say, “It looks like it does less!” But that’s not entirely true: We just simplified things a bit. First, we removed the infographics. Since their functionality was fairly limited, we felt that they didn’t add anything to the product. This gave us room to create a nice, clean, and less-cluttered layout, but that’s just the icing on the cake.

Beneath these visual changes, we’ve made huge improvements to how our search works. In addition to technology tags, we now index employer names, job titles, projects, educational institutions, and real names. This lets you really drill down and refine your searches.

Want to find candidates who have worked at a particular company? Done. Want to find candidates who only went to MIT? Now you can. Looking for someone who was a CTO in a previous life? Your wish is granted!

In addition to indexing the fields, we’ve greatly expanded the ability to fine-tune your query. Are you looking for someone who knows Java or C# and Ruby or PHP who was not a manager and has a computer science or computer engineering degree? Easy!

(Java or C#) AND (ruby OR php) AND (NOT manager) AND (“computer science” OR “computer engineering”)

Best of all: This is just the initial rollout of our new search. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be implementing some new visual elements so you can access even more advanced features to find EXACTLY who you're looking for.

Other than this, everything else remains the same. You can still message candidates directly through the search and manage your pipeline with our custom-built applicant tracking system.

Go check it out yourself. Click here to browse candidates in your area and feel free to read up on how to write awesome messages.

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