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Branding has long been a term used in marketing; branding campaigns, product branding, company branding, and all other realms of branding have marketing written all over it, right? In the recruiting world, the term branding can sometimes be the huge elephant in the room that no one wants to address. Recruiters tend to pass this along as a marketing responsibility or as something that isn’t directly in our wheelhouse for day-to-day responsibility. Unfortunately, many recruiting teams find themselves tasked with highlighting the company brand to attract top talent and don’t know where to start. Fortunately, due to advances in technology and the broadened role of recruiting, we can now take branding into our own hands. Here are few ways recruiters can own employer branding without relying on the marketing team:

Come up with the brand you’d like to put out there.

Whatever you decide, it should closely align with the mission and values of your organization, if these are not already the foundation of your branding. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of how you want your company to be viewed by an outsider and what type of talent that may attract. Your recruitment brand may work in conjunction with a marketing campaign or product branding concept, in which case you should involve other departments within your organization. However, rather than depend on the marketing team to do all the legwork for you, work with them and ensure your ideas align and complement each other.

Get your campaign out there.

Your company’s own careers page is the first place to start: It is the first page candidates seek out when looking to learn more about the work environment, perks and benefits, current team members, and other important aspects of a new opportunity. Companies who invest in this page are instantly more attractive than ones with a simple “click here to apply” link that herds candidates straight to the application page. Are you a fun, quirky startup? Great, make sure that’s evident on your company page. Are you a strong, financial consulting firm that propels people into great financial careers? Your company page is going to look very different from that fun, quirky startup, so make sure you portray the company accurately and show candidates why they should want to work with you.

Remember: Social media is FREE branding!

Twitter, Facebook, and blogs (not to mention the hundreds of other options) are all great resources to create free messaging that people actually notice. Create a Twitter feed or Facebook account that focuses solely on career updates and information potential candidates would find appealing. Sharing interesting facts, events or pictures about the company instantly draws attention and intrigue from your audience. Make sure your recruiters are engaged in these areas, giving them the power to navigate this world to draw interest from their networks.

Make the most of professional technologies and resources.

Make sure you are updated on LinkedIn and GlassDoor – sharing your jobs, resources, blog posts and links – so that your professional network is engaged. With our Careers 2.0 customers, we strongly encourage companies to create a company page that highlights the company from a developer standpoint, essentially branding themselves through pictures, perks, and people.

These are just a few ways your recruiting team can engage in branding and really take ownership of this function. Recruiters’ skills are ever expanding, and branding has to be a part of that if we expect to think outside of the box and curate a continuous flow of candidates for the pipeline. Companies with strong brands and a large presence on social media and other websites have a huge leg up on companies still trying to figure this space out. If you’re still expanding in the social branding arena, do your research, test different sites, and figure out what’s best for your company, audience, and industry.

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