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Post by Erin Gray on Oct 14, 2014 1:05:00 PM

When you arrived on this page, you may have noticed something different: a minor rebrand and new logo. Or is it? For those of you who have been following Stack Overflow and our Careers site since it’s inception, you’ll notice the logo looks very similar to our original logo, before Careers 2.0 came along. 

We realized that Careers was no longer in beta mode and that “Careers 2.0” seemed disjointed from Stack Overflow, which is core to both our recruiting platform and the candidate experience. And so here we are today, grown up, and on a big, bold mission to help developers find better jobs while connecting companies to the talent they need.

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Why Careers?

We initially built careers.stackoverflow.com as a way to give developers a professional extension of their public-facing profile on Stack Overflow. We’ve always shared a strong belief that every professional programmer should have a job they love, and we created our careers platform to fulfill that mission by connecting great developers with awesome companies and career opportunities. Our initial goals consisted of:

  1. Building a community of serious programmers who were truly interested in finding a great job, and
  2. Letting developers keep a living, breathing track record of their work by integrating their public Stack Overflow profiles with their private CVs.

These two goals, although set five (!!!) years ago, are still things we embody today. We continue to strive to create lasting connections between great developers and companies who appreciate smart programmers, just as we always have.

So what’s changed?

Mostly new and improved products to help employers and candidates alike achieve the goals we’ve always had. Some highlights include:

As you can see, a lot has happened over the last few years. And we’ve grown. A lot. In fact, we’ve supported more than 20,000 companies in their mission to find great developer talent. So while we might have a new logo, our core values and goals remain the same. We’ll continually aim to maintain the trust we’ve built within the global development community as we continue to expand our reach as a recruiting resource. As a site built by developers, for developers, the community will always come first. But as technology hiring increases, we’ll make strides towards building a long-lasting relationship with professionals who hire programmers, similar to the relationship we’ve already built with the development community. Stack Overflow Careers will continue to be a great place for great employers to find great programmers, and vise versa, and our own development team and product teams will adapt the site in ways that maintain that aspect. We recently revamped our product pages to create a more intuitive decision-making process for clients. Next, we plan to expand upon our targeting abilities so that employers can not only target programmers in their area, but also get in front of the exact types of developers who meet their candidate criteria. Since we’re constantly looking to improve the hiring experience for both developers and employers, our audience can get excited knowing that these updates are just the beginning!


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