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Post by Rich Moy on Jul 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM

This post was updated in November 2017 with new information.

With 228 events over the course of seven days, London Tech Week left its attendees with no shortage of opportunities to learn about the current technology ecosystem. And with so many options at their fingertips, even the most energetic people in technology were bound to miss out on tidbits of inspiration for those days when it seems like developer hiring will never make sense. To help ease any fears that you might have missed out, here are a few developer hiring takeaways from this year’s edition of London Tech Week.

Developers Want More Mentorship Opportunities

It’s no secret that developers are always looking to learn new things and improve their skills. Some of the strongest engineering teams already understand this and have implemented mentorship programs for their developers. Melissa Di Donato, Area Vice President at Salesforce, spoke at great length at London Tech Week about how the relationships between developers and their mentors will ultimately influence the entire tech hiring landscape. Di Donato also said that she knows of very few mentors who are willing to stay invested in an individual’s entire career. This creates a unique opportunity for employers who are looking to hire and retain developers. If you currently offer a mentorship program, don’t be shy about sharing details about it with candidates. And if you’re on the fence about creating one, don’t be surprised if your developers start looking for learning opportunities elsewhere.

The Competition to Hire Developers is as Fierce as Ever

According to Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK, the current economy in the United Kingdom indicates that the developer hiring will get even more competitive in the near future. With companies based in the UK alone accounting for 30 percent of all European venture capital investments, the need to hire talented developers to keep up with the demand for quality products should be a top priority for companies all around the world. While the current technology ecosystem in the UK is an exciting development, it’s especially important for employers in the coming years to understand what developers look for in new positions and how they want to be recruited.

Tech Recruiters Will Have a Huge Impact on The Future of Technology

Recruiting and hiring developers is a tough task, and you’ve probably experienced a lot of long nights and heartache in your efforts to build your company’s engineering team. Considering the amount of finesse and patience it takes to engage developers (most of whom are currently employed), it’s understandable if it’s difficult at times to see how your work will have an impact on your company’s future. However, as our CEO Joel Spolsky pointed out during London Tech Week, every line of code that a developer writes is a decision. Whether that decision enhances your ability to hail a cab during peak hours or enables you to make smarter purchasing decisions, those features boil down to individual lines that the developers you worked so hard to hire are responsible for writing. While it might feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle at times, the work you’re doing to recruit and hire great developers will reshape the entire technology landscape.

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