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Some may argue that companies don’t really “own” their brands. The best they can do is influence their brand’s perception by positioning the company in a certain light in the minds of current and prospective employees. This if often referred to as employer branding. (But you already knew that, right?)

If you’re stuck on where to start with defining your employer brand, ask yourself questions like:

  • What stories inside the company are worth sharing?
  • What is it like on a typical day?
  • What makes this place truly unique?

Need some concrete, real-world examples? Here are three employer branding ideas that major companies have used to highlight their technical team and attract new developer talent.  

American Express

American Express was in the midst of a digital transformation that has required the company to compete for highly skilled technologists. They launched a campaign titled “Powered by Innovation, Engineered by You”, which expressed what life is like as a technical expert at this particular time. Specifically, it focused on how employees have a unique opportunity to create products and systems that will transform how payments are conducted, touching the lives of millions of customers globally.  The goal of this campaign was to ensure that the best technical talent recognized this opportunity and would seriously consider working for the company.  

Safelite AutoGlass

One of Safelite’s largest focuses is their customer experience, which relies heavily on the talent of their Technology team. Safelite says, “We challenge this group to stay ahead of trends so we can predict what customers of the future want.” One way they encourage innovation among their tech team is by hosting “Safelite Next”, a monthly meeting of a cross-functional team to explore new technology and innovative ideas that may become the next big idea in customer experience. They also have a Code Retreat and Code Jam each year, where employees sharpen their coding skills and compete against one another to solve challenging technology problems to win prizes.


VMware’s employer branding efforts for their technical employees is classified as “Igniting Creative Thinking and Technical Innovation.” One of their notable events is called RADIO (R&D Innovation Offsite), a three-day technical program that brings together 1300 of their worldwide engineers to share innovative ideas, learn about technical strategies and projects happening across the company, and allow their developers to network with their peers. Engineers can pitch ideas or needs for a change of direction to their peers and technical leadership, and can learn about other R&D teams' projects, problems, and solutions to take back within their own organization for further development.

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