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Your company’s job listing is likely the first thing your prospective candidates will see. They’ll scan the description and look for aspects that jump out at them, such as the required skills or potential benefits. To help catch their eye, you could stuff your job listings with all the keywords and buzzwords you want -- but that’s only going to turn off developers from applying. Here are some words and phrases to include in your tech job listings to boost your credibility and attract the right developer.

“A Track Record Of”

Instead of using a phrase like “minimum of X years of experience”, try using the phrase “a track record of.” This tells the candidate that you’re not only concerned about an arbitrary number of years of experience, but instead that you want to see the quality of their work. This is especially important since developers are always learning new technologies, and requiring them to have loyalty to just one isn’t very realistic.  


59% of developers we surveyed said that they most want to know about compensation when first hearing about a job opportunity, so if you aren’t including this in your tech job listing, you’re not exactly starting off on the right foot. Disclosing a salary also shows that the company is transparent enough to share this to potential candidates (something a lot of companies foolishly shy away from).

Lastly, be specific when disclosing the salary. Simply saying “salary commensurate of experience” doesn’t help the candidate, as that could mean anything. If you can’t give an exact number, at least give a general range.

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“Our team is/believes in”

Most job listings gloss over important elements of the company’s culture in their job listing. Simply listing that you offer ping pong tables as a benefit isn’t going to convince anyone to apply. Instead, developers want to know more about things like the projects they’ll be working on, how the technical team works together, and how engineering works with other teams.

Avoid using general phrases like “we’re a team that works hard and plays hard” and instead focus on the specifics of how the team works together (and what they work on). Does the team follow Scrum methodologies?

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