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If you're debating the need to create a company blog, you're not alone. You may be thinking, "Isn’t the market oversaturated?" "Would anyone even care about what I have to say?" "Will I be able to think of enough ideas to post once a week?" There are no cut-and-dry answers to these questions, but it’s certainly worth a shot to try and find out.

Blogs created by specific departments within your company are a great way to convey your employer brand, connect with your candidate pipeline, and recruit the best talent. Most companies have their marketing or human resources team blog about things like company announcements or new hires, but what about the technology and IT departments?Since the majority of developers are identified as passive candidates (they are not actively looking for jobs, but would consider a change if the right opportunity comes up), creating content about your technology team and their projects and principles could be one way to connect with the best technical talent. Here are a few reasons why your tech department should be blogging.

You can convey your employer brand

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s no one better to talk about what it’s like to work at your company than your current employees. Having employees write about their experiences within the company – everything from their developer onboarding experience to a specific project they worked – helps humanize your brand with a hint of the employee’s personality.

Developers want to work on interesting projects, work with the smartest people, and be able to work in a certain type of environment. Within your posts, include photos of your office and company events to show them what the environment is like. You could also highlight a few projects your own developers and engineers have worked on to give readers an idea of what they could work on if they joined the company. Another idea is to interview employees with interesting stories, as this shows candidates what the employees are like.

You can build up a robust candidate pool

By posting interesting and relevant content, and making an effort to connect with those who are reading, you can foster community among job hunters and customers alike. By doing things like replying to comments on your posts, thanking those who share your posts on social media, and following up with anyone who downloads a piece of your content, you create a relationship with this person. Eventually, this relationship could turn into them applying for a position within your technical team.

You can establish authority in your niche

Depending on the niche or area your company specializes in, having an updated blog full of informative content can help establish you as a leader in your space. Think of what sets you apart from your competitors and blog about it. You want to establish yourself not only as the company to go for to buy your products or services but as a place that all developers want to work for.

This is especially important if you don’t work for a well-known company or "hot startup". What makes your app different than every other app that healthcare companies are putting out? What project is your software development team working on that your competitors don’t find as important? How does your company plan to usetechnology to stand out in the field? Answering these questions is one way you can express your authority. 

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