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To successfully hire developers to work at your company, you need to do more than simply post a standard job listing. Employer branding, awesome benefits, and the premise of working on something interesting and meaningful are all important for candidates looking to join your technical team. 

The 5 companies below are doing much more than hitting "post" on their tech job listing. See the unique way they are hiring developers and take notes. 

Nail Your Employer Value Proposition  

Your employer value proposition is a huge part of your overall employer brand. It's an easy way to summarize what your company is all about and gives prospective candidates a glimpse into what it's like to work for you and what your company values. This unique set of offerings and values is what sets you apart from your competitors. 

The tagline on Sky's Stack Overflow Company Page epitomizes their office culture in just a few short words -- "Ever imagined working for a start-up that's not a start-up?"  This simple and short EVP lets candidates know right away whether the company and culture are right for them.

Practice What You Preach

If your job listings or company career pages boast certain philosophies, make sure you back them up. Lots of companies say they "value diversity" or are "all about career development", but forget to provide context to these values with case studies, links, and other evidence. 

Thoughtworks not only writes that they believe in open-source solutions over proprietary software, but they actually show it as well with a specific page dedicated entirely to it. Many developers prefer working on open source initiatives, so this fact would likely draw them into applying, even as a passive candidate. 

Another great example of companies practicing what they preach is Quantcast. They define themselves as "leaders, not followers, in the Big Data space", which is a bold statement to make. They they back themselves up by including hard facts (their data-processing infrastructure out-Hadoops Hadoop, handling 20 - 40 petabytes of data per day) and including links to their internal and external projects involving Big Data (like QFS, the fastest and most space-efficient open source petabyte-scale file system, doubling storage capacity for Hadoop). 

Focus on the Benefits That Matter 

Instead of focusing on the typical benefits most full-time employees are offered, such as vacation days or dental insurance, include unique perks you offer that members of your technical team would appreciate. Bloomberg offers some great benefits all around, but make it a point to include a few that developers are looking for, including career development and learning resources. 

New Relic mentions their benefits and perks as well, but often in their job postings. You'll notice quite a few of their open jobs include text that says that they offer relocation and visa sponsorship for selected open positions. 

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