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Post by Rich Moy on Sep 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM

It can be difficult to find the motivation to optimize your tech job listings, especially if you've seen the application volume you initially hoped to see. You might also think that optimizing your job listings means staring blankly at the document until inspiration finally strikes and the edits you need to make become blatantly obvious. However, before you take pen to paper, here are a few tips to help you get the inspiration you need to make edits to your job listings that will truly grab the attention of developers.

Understand What Your Competition is Doing Well

Sure, it can be difficult to look at anything your competition is doing and acknowledge that they’ve done a good job. And when it comes to their job listings, it’s even more challenging to swallow your pride and identify the elements you think are resonating with developers. However, your competition’s tech job listings are often the best sources of inspiration. Maybe they’re using industry terms you didn’t know previously, or perhaps they’ve identified a few things that developers want to see more often in job listings. Whatever the case may be, take the time to review what you like about your competitors’ job listings and explore how you can apply what they’ve done to your own writing.

Ask Your Current Developers for Their Feedback

It can be nerve-wracking to post a job anywhere online when you’re unsure if developers will find it interesting. There’s a lot of pressure to write job listings that make a good first impression on developers, and if they fall flat, it’s no secret that candidates will have a handful of other options at their fingertips. Whenever you’re feeling uneasy about a technical job listing you’re about to post, don’t be afraid to ask your engineering team for its feedback. Feel free to point out specific areas for them to chime in on, and prepare yourself for the possibility that they might not be able to help you immediately because they’re busy writing code. However, considering that developers want to have a say in how their team scales, they’ll often be happy to lend a helping hand when they have the time.

Determine How Much of a Job Listing You Can Read Before You Lose Interest

Many tech recruiters cringe when they re-read job listings that they wrote in the past. In some cases, they're reminded that the job listing was repurposed from a previous opening. In other instances, they just weren't very compelling. Whatever the case may be for you, it’s important not to forget that if you can’t even fake interest in your job listing, the odds are that most developers will agree with you. While you shouldn’t rely solely on your impressions of your tech job listings alone (especially when you think they’re perfect), you should be able to acknowledge when a description you’ve written likely won’t grab anyone’s attention.

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