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Post by Rich Moy on Aug 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Your job listings are often the first opportunity you have to make a positive first impression on developer candidates. They inform active and passive developer candidates alike about what makes your company stand out from the competition. Not only do they attract candidates, but your job listings can provide a boost to every stage of your sourcing strategy.

Still don't believe that job listings have a far reaching impact? Let's discuss some of reasons they're so important for more than just first impressions.

Your Tech Job Listings Are Evergreen Employer Branding Tools

A well-written tech job listing tells a compelling story about the opportunity and your company’s mission. Of course, this is important to the developers you're actively recruiting, but they're also relevant to anyone interested in learning more about your company.

Think about some of the things developers want to see in job listings: a compelling story about your organization's mission, details about the interview process, and transparency about the challenges your tech team is trying to solve. These components not only make your job listings valuable employer branding tools while you're actively hiring, but they're just as important when you're simply looking to build your employer brand.

They Force You to Think Deeply About the Candidates You Need

Unless you exclusively reuse tech job listings whenever you need to hire developers, writing content that gets candidates excited about applying to work for you is hard. It’s no small feat to finalize a draft, especially considering the amount of thought it takes to get it just right. 

You probably run your listings by hiring managers before they go live, which inevitably leads to additional conversations about the qualifications that matter more than others. And because of the effort that you put in to create a compelling tech job listing, you ultimately have a much clearer idea of the types of candidates you should (and should not) pass on when it comes time to execute your sourcing strategy.

You’ll Be More Excited to Recruit Developers

When a job listing is new and exciting, you'll have much easier time showing your enthusiasm for the role. On the other hand, when a job listing isn't compelling, you'll know it. And candidates will feed off of your lack of energy.

Whether you're sourcing candidates online or trying to grow your pipeline at events, your job listings will set the tone for every conversation you have with a developer. No matter how impatient you are to kick off a brand new (and urgent) search for a developer, it's important to hold off until you're confident that your job listings will truly grab their attention. tech job listings


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