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Post by Rich Moy on Aug 11, 2016 12:00:00 PM

This post was updated in November 2017 with new information.

Although 62% of developers are open to hearing about job opportunities, the most talented candidates you’ll meet will have multiple options on the table. Forcing developers to wait on a decision leaves you incredibly vulnerable to losing them to another company.

If you’re like many recruiters, you might be wondering how to speed up your developer hiring process without settling on candidates who are merely good enough. Here are a few things to consider if you need to hire developers faster.

Consider More Than Bullet Points When Sourcing Resumes

You’ve done a lot of work to source developer resumes, and you want hiring managers to know you for only showing them the best. But while you should understand basic technology terms, it’s not your responsibility to know everything.

Think back to your past resume reviews. You'll probably recall a few occasions on which you went into a resume review and agonized over every single bullet point. Not only that, you might have even passed on a few outstanding candidates because they weren’t exact matches to the job description. When they need to hire developers, technical hiring managers typically look for potential just as much as they look for exact matches. If you think someone could be a fit to join your tech team, don’t be afraid to run that person’s resume by a few of your engineers.

Don’t Get Too Hung Up on Reference Checks

How many times have you gotten to the final stage of the interview process with a great developer, only to remember that you still haven’t heard from one of their professional references? It’s frustrating to wait on someone you’ve never met for their thoughts on someone you’re excited about hiring.

Additionally, just like a resume or cover letter, a list of references is highly curated by every candidate you ask to submit one. Unless a candidate is terrible at selecting contacts to share with you, most referral calls you’ll make will end with glowing reviews of that person and the mandate that you should hire him or her if you want to keep your job. If your candidates’ reference checks have historically been a blocker to submitting an offer letter, consider skipping this step altogether.

Re-evaluate Your Entire Developer Hiring Process

The fact that you’re looking for tips to hire developers faster is a good indicator that it has broken down on you in the past. It’s easy to make sweeping generalizations about timelines being held up by a few stakeholders, or about how you just could not compete with the absurd perks that another company was able to offer. These are very real challenges that many businesses face, but it also presents a unique opportunity to take a step back and re-evaluate your entire developer hiring process.

At what point does the communication between you and candidates tend to come to a screeching halt? What feedback have you received from developers about their experience throughout the interview process? Identify the difficult questions you and your hiring team need to ask about your developer hiring process and be open to making dramatic changes to speed things up.

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