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Post by Rich Moy on Dec 10, 2015 2:00:00 PM

The holiday season is typically a great time to kick back and celebrate. Even though things tend to slow down around most offices, the urgency behind hiring developers typically isn’t one of them. While you should take some time to celebrate the developer hiring wins you’ve had this year, here are a few tips to help you maximize your holiday recruitment efforts during the upcoming season.  

Turn Your Attention to College Recruiting

While more tenured candidates might use this season to pause their job search, holiday recruiting is actually an opportunity to reach talented college students and graduates. Our CEO Joel Spolsky is a big proponent for targeting college students for a number of reasons. In particular, he says this is the only opportunity you’ll have to recruit them before they officially hit the job market.

With such a small percentage of developers completing their degrees in four years, two things come into play. The talent pool will be smaller than it typically is during the spring graduation season. However, with the overall decrease in business activity during the holiday season, you’ll likely face less competition for the developers who complete their degrees in December, which will give you a leg up on ultimately selling them on your role and company.

Schedule Year-in-Review Meetings With Hiring Managers

Although everyone in your office is trying to wrap things up before the new year, that’s not a good reason to completely shut things down for the entire month of December. In fact, this is a great opportunity to find time with your hiring managers to review what you’ve been able to accomplish for the year, as well as what opportunities are on the horizon after the holiday recruitement season.

Forecast Your Hiring for the Upcoming Year

Although your technical hiring might have felt like it was in overdrive recently, the holiday season is a good opportunity to plan ahead for the upcoming year. Take a step back and analyze your recruiting activity over the previous 11 months. You might notice that you made a number of hires in one particular quarter, or you might be able to point out a specific period of time in which hiring managers needed to ramp up their teams quickly.

Of course, feel free to come up with your own set of questions to work through as the year comes to a close. However, don’t forget that the goal of this exercise is to forecast what your hiring needs and activities might look like in the new year. Asking yourself tough questions about what worked, and when they needed to work, will pay huge dividends when your workload increases after the holiday season wraps up.

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