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How did we entertain ourselves during our commutes before podcasts were a thing? (Oh yeah, there was this thing called “the radio.”) If you look hard enough, there is a podcast for each and every niche topic, and recruiting is no exception. Here are just a few of the best recruiting podcasts we’ve found. Feel free to share your favorites with us in the comments.

Recruiting Future

Matt Alder has been helping employers with their digital strategies for nearly 20 years, so it’s no surprise that he’s offering up his advice and experiences in this recruiting podcast. Recruiting Future features interviews with thought leaders in the recruiting space, with topics ranging from graduate recruitment to using social media in your employer branding. Notable interviewees include Lyst's Head of Talent, Matt Buckland and Thoughtwork’s Talent Scout, Larry Hernandez.

Episode to Listen to: The Broadening Appeal of Video Interviewing

The Recruiting Animal

It would be hard to find a recruiter who hasn’t at least heard of The Recruiting Animal podcast, which started way back in March of 2007 as the first online call-in show about recruiting. The podcast is described as “a fast-paced, hardball forum of recruiting infotainment”. There’s really no better way to put it, so I won't bother paraphrasing. Past podcast guests include Bill Boorman, Founder of #tru Conferences and Matt Charney, Executive Editor of Recruiting Daily.

Episode to Listen to: Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse Recruiting Software

Recruiting Daily

It’s no surprise that RecruitingDaily has a podcast – after all, they already have a network of blogs, host numerous conferences, and excel at webinars. This recruiting podcast covers popular topics in the space including onboarding practices, employer branding tips, and candidate experience.

Episode to Listen to: Best of/Worst of: Recruiting Emails


Hosted by Jon Sumser and featuring different guests in the HR space, HRExaminer focuses on emerging ideas in HR and recruiting. The podcast is a great addition to their online magazine of the same name, and focuses on unique stories and experiences from HR leaders across the U.S.

Episode to Listen to:  Episode #66: Stacey Harris and John Discuss “The Most Productive Teams at Google Have These 5 Dynamics”

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