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Post by Rich Moy on Apr 24, 2017, 12:00:00 PM

While salary is usually not the only deciding factor for many candidates, it is one of the most important job evaluation criteria for programmers. Companies are always competing for the top developers, and because they know that the competition for their services is fierce, they want to be paid accordingly. This might make you think that giving developers whatever they want is the key to winning at developer hiring, but the 2017 Developer Hiring Landscape highlighted showed us that developer compensation is a much more complicated challenge to tackle. Let’s take a closer look at what salaries for programmers in look like today.

Over 44% of Developers Feel Somewhat Underpaid

Although developer salaries tend to be higher than other professions, not all programmers believe that their compensation reflects the value they bring to their organizations. In fact, over 44% of the developers who responded to our survey said they felt they were somewhat underpaid. On top of that, another 11% stated that they felt greatly underpaid.

Underpaying a developer might save you money in the short-term, but considering the astronomical cost of replacing a programmer, take this as an opportunity to evaluate your current developer salaries. If you find that you’re paying your programmers less than market-value, start the conversation with your engineering managers about increasing developer compensation across the board.

Less Experienced Developers Have Realistic Salary Expectations

The worldwide average for a developer with a year of experience is $33,299—and the software development students who responded to our survey told us that they expect to earn around $33,142 upon graduating.

This is good news for any employer that’s looking to hire junior-level employees. If the salaries you’re currently paying less experienced developers are close to the worldwide average, you shouldn’t come across too many objections from similar candidates. However, don’t make lowball offers to younger candidates just to save a few dollars, especially considering that many of them aren’t asking for outlandish salaries.

DevOps and Machine Learning Specialists Command the Highest Salaries Worldwide

Across the globe, the DevOps and machine learning developers that responded to our survey reported the highest salaries. The average developer salary for DevOps specialists this year is just over $60,000 (USD), with machine learning specialists earning slightly less at $57,000.

Because both of these are newer fields that are quickly gaining popularity, the chances are that your engineering team will want to hire these types of developers (if your engineering managers haven’t already asked you to launch new searches). Although you’ll likely need to pay a little extra to get the candidates you want, setting a realistic salary range for your search now will help you avoid missing out on a top DevOps or machine learning candidate down the road.

Developers Who Know Certain Programming Languages Come at a Premium

All developers are in demand, but some specialties come at an even higher premium. Specifically, developers working in Rust, Go, Clojure, and hack are getting paid more than peers with equivalent experience working in Visual Basic, PHP, or C++.

salary_by_language.pngRecruiting developers for new technologies can be intimidating, but knowing that the average developer salary for candidates that know these programming languages will show them that you’ve done your homework. Additionally, researching how the programming languages they use are related and why developers are excited about using them will make developers even more receptive to talking to you.

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