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Post by Rich Moy on Dec 18, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The end of any year is an excellent opportunity to look ahead and re-evaluate your tech hiring goals. At the same time, you probably have a few questions. There are endless “hot” tech recruitment trends, but which ones should you keep a close eye on after the holidays conclude? How much has changed since this time last year? And most importantly, how will they impact your hiring strategy in the New Year?

Even though the demand for tech talent will continue to outpace the supply in 2018, plenty of other things across the tech hiring landscape will change. Here are a few technical recruitment trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

Interview Processes Will Get Shorter

This is old news, right? Developers have always hated searching and interviewing for new jobs!

In a recent study by Robert Half, two-thirds of respondents said that they would “lose interest in a job if there was no follow-up within two weeks of an interview.” That’s still not brand new information until you consider that CIO.com says that 41% of CIOs agree that their interview processes are too long.

At the beginning of 2018, sit down with your engineering managers to evaluate your current interview process. Identify any points at which communication with candidates has broken down in the past. If there are stages that have proven to be unnecessary, consider eliminating them.

Salary Negotiations Will Eventually Be a Thing of The Past

Do a quick Google search for “salary negotiation,” and you’ll find dozens of articles about how candidates can avoid lowball offers. But with the compensation data that is available to developers, there will be much less room for companies to offer below-average salaries. 

In fact, more companies than ever before are sharing salary information in their job listings—and they’re getting an average of 60-75% more clicks, even when the range is on the lower end of the scale. In 2018, don’t be surprised if developers are even less interested in negotiating salary. Instead, offer what you can afford to pay, and be transparent about how you came to that number. Even if a developer declines, he or she will know that you valued them enough to offer the highest salary in your power.

Increased Financial Wellness Program Offerings

Most developers are paid well, but those paychecks don’t guarantee their financial well-being. When they have questions about managing their personal finances, it’s also impossible to be sure that they’ll know how to get the help they need.

Does this sound like a personal problem? On some level, sure. But MarketWatch recently reported that more than a quarter of millennials say financial stress affects their job performance. Additionally, a quarter of millennials also say that they feel physically ill because of financial anxiety. Want to improve your technical recruitment strategy in 2018? Start by paying them fairly for their skills. Then, consider how you can help them maximize the money that they’re earning.

Improved Candidate Experience on Mobile Devices

The Pew Research Center found that 1 in 10 adults are “smartphone only” Internet users. Think that this doesn’t apply to job seekers? The reality is that its impact on talent acquisition is far from an exception to this statistic.

In 2018, there should be a renewed emphasis on the mobile candidate experience. Until recently, many people thought of a mobile job search as nothing but “click to apply” buttons, which enabled candidates to apply with one click (and without a cover letter). Still, while some developers probably browse job opportunities on their home desktops, plenty of others likely do their research on a mobile phone before they submit an application on another device.

Want to stay ahead of the competition in 2018? Work with your tech team to ensure that your careers website and employer branding content can be viewed easily on smartphones.

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