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When candidates look at your tech job listing or ad, the first thing they will search for when they are finished reading is likely your company's website. Whether you host this information under a "Work Here" or "Careers" section, this is the place to entice candidates to work for you by describing your company culture and employer brand. When developers look at your company website or career section, they look for all that -- and then some. 

Below are a few ways real companies are making their career pages stand out to developers.

Give developers a firsthand look into the projects your team is working on. 

LiveRamp does a great job of providing links within their company's "About Us" section to demonstrate just that -- one to an example of a previous open-source project they built and another to their engineering blog, which is updated frequently by members of their engineering team. Simply mentioning a recent project your team worked on by adding a link or two is a quick way to make your company careers page a little better. 


Show off your company mission statement & how your technical team is involved in it.

Most companies have a mission statement that's displayed prominently across their website. Instead of just plastering the same mission statement over and over, why not tailor it and expand on it when recruiting for certain positions? Most of these mission statements are too broad and don't reflect the hard work that the company's technical team puts in. Razorfish took their standard mission statement and put a technical twist on it for their Stack Overflow Company Page, showing future candidates how their work will impact the business at large. 

Include the benefits and perks most relevant to developers.

Most companies have the basic benefits such as medical insurance, but what about the specific perks that developers care about? Sprout Social does a great job of including just that, including perks such as "All the Apple products you can imagine" and "Flexible hours" (two things we already know that developers are looking for).  Anything involving the specific equipment they will use (allowing them to choose from a PC or Mac), what technologies they can work in (flexibility here is key), or access to ongoing education (a conference budget, for example) will appeal to developers. 

Convey your culture through a video.

Lots of companies create videos to use in their recruiting efforts, but how many of them actually show what working on the tech team would be like? JUST EAT displays a video titled "JUST EAT Engineering Culture" on their company careers page, which includes interviews with members of the team, a peek into the space where the developers work, and more. 

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