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Post by Rich Moy on May 31, 2018 12:00:00 PM

With the summer months approaching, many teams across your organization are looking forward to their slow season. But for talent acquisition managers, the harsh reality of tech recruiting is that every quarter is hectic. As a result, all of your recruiters probably feel increased pressure to hit their goals—and there’s a strong chance that your team isn’t performing to their maximum potential.

That’s where you come in. To maximize your recruiters’ productivity and take the next step in your personal growth, here are five keys to developing high-functioning tech recruitment teams.

Lead by Example

According to Joseph Folkman of Zenger Folkman, the most effective managers know how to inspire their teams, rather than driving them to hire more programmers. “Leaders in high-performance teams know how to create energy and enthusiasm in the team,” Folkman continues. “Team members feel inspired, that they are on a mission and what they are doing is of great importance.”

Keep this in mind whenever your tech recruiters are working on tough-to-fill roles. Rather than emphasizing the number of open positions you have, motivate them by reinforcing the impact that these critical hires will have on the entire organization.

Clearly Define and Communicate Your Priorities

You likely met with engineering managers to understand what their ideal candidate profiles look like, which roles are most urgent, and what these new hires will be asked to do. Each of these things is a vital component that defines your talent acquisition strategy. But if you keep them to yourself, it’s virtually impossible for your tech recruiters to rally together and achieve them.

Maximizing your tech recruitment team’s productivity can be as simple as sharing the company’s goals with them. As hectic as your developer hiring can be, you can make it much easier for everyone by keeping your recruiters in the loop and adjusting whenever necessary.

Always Solicit Suggestions

Your tech recruiters might not be managers, but remember that you hired them because their talent was undeniable. They also engage with technical candidates more often than anyone else at your company. Why? Because they have a deep understanding of programmers’ likes and dislikes, as well as the expertise to sell your open roles to them.

As their manager, you could assign tasks without listening to what your recruiters have to say, but that would be unwise. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to accept all of their suggestions, you should also be an active listener when they come to you with one. Your recruiters’ might have learned something along the way that could help you optimize your entire talent acquisition strategy.

Prioritize Each Person on the Team

Nobody would accuse you of not having enough to do at work. Finding and hiring developers is a labor-intensive task with unpredictable timelines. But that isn’t an excuse for canceling one-on-one meetings with your direct reports—especially when they’re the ones who are recruiting programmers on a daily basis.

Whenever you see a conflict in your schedule, reach out to your recruiter with plenty of notice. When you meet with each recruiter on your team, do more listening than speaking, and try to understand their most significant challenges. Without these conversations, it’s virtually impossible for you to remedy anything your recruiters are struggling with, let alone make them more productive.

Hold Everyone Accountable—Including Yourself

One of the most challenging things about being a manager is delivering negative feedback. Even when you know that a recruiter has worked hard to fill a technical position, there will be times when you need to address something that needs to be corrected.

But to develop a higher-functioning recruitment team, you should also be open to receiving tough feedback from your direct reports. Not only will this help you become a better manager, but it will also create an atmosphere in which all of your recruiters will feel empowered to do better work, without fearing being reprimanded for speaking their minds.

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