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New York City is home to a diverse pool of technical talent, numerous company headquarters, and a strong venture capital presence. NYC-based companies that operate in industries ranging from financial technology to digital media are all on the hunt to hire their next developer (or their next 50). 

With such a competitive landscape, how can companies in NYC understand the market and better reach their ideal candidates? By looking at data such as the average NYC developer salary, job status, and technology preferences, you’ll have a solid foundation for hiring.

Here are five of the main takeaways from our recent report, The NYC Developer Hiring Ecosystem, that will help you with your tech hiring efforts.  

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10% of the nation’s developers are located in the NYC metro area   

When you think of where the majority of developers live, your mind likely goes to San Fransisco. But what about New York? 1/10th of all the developers in the United States are located in the New York City metro area.  4% of the nation’s developers are located in Manhattan specifically.   

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There are more Web Developers in NYC than any other developer type  

According to our data, there are 236,558 Web Developers in the NYC metro area. System Administrators come in a not-so-close second – there are 36,536 of them. The term "Web Developer" can often be broken down even further into a Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-end Web Developer, or Back-end Web Developer. So when writing your job listings and beginning your recruiting, be sure to get as specific as possible regarding the role. 

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The most popular programming language that NYC developers use is Python  

66,330 NYC developers use Python as their programming language of choice. Java comes in a close second with 60,929 developers using it. If you don't see a programming language or technology that matches your current tech stack, don't worry. In fact, you shouldn’t constrain yourself to hiring candidates with prior experience in your preferred programming language or tech stack, since developers are perfectly capable of picking them up on the job.

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The median salary for a developer in NYC is $100,000  

Unsurprisingly, this is 8% higher than the national median developer salary of $93,000. If you’re hiring developers in the city, you should expect to pay them according to the market.

But regardless of how high or low your salaries are, developers appreciate transparency around compensation. Job listings with a salary listed on it tend to see anywhere from 60-75% more clicks than those that don’t. To see developer salaries in your region, visit our Salary Calculator, which breaks down developer salaries by location, experience level, and more.

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58% of NYC developers are open to new job opportunities  

Since the majority of NYC developers aren’t actively looking for a new job, you’ll need to adjust your recruiting strategies to include passive candidates. Instead of mass-posting your job listing on a job board, focus on forming relationships, perfecting your recruiting emails, presenting the right benefits, and meeting developers where they’re at.

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