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Most developers reap the benefits that typical companies offer, like healthcare and free coffee in the office. We already know what developers care about at work (working on interesting projects and work-life balance, for example), but what about those tangible perks that are typically displayed on the employer’s Careers page? Here are some unique employee benefits we found that companies are offering.

Weekend Retreats

Various companies send their technical employees (CTOs, Senior Engineers, and Lead Designers, for example) on weekend retreats through Hacktivision. These retreats are created to boost morale and engagement in employees. Each weekend experience combines a traditional hackathon with humanitarian organizations. Barnaby Jackson, a Lead Engineer at Handup, says of the experience, “[It’s] one of the best ways I have ever spent a weekend.”

FMTC also offers their technical employees the benefit of weekend retreats. At least once a year, the team rents a house and holds a tech retreat. Eric Nagel, the CTO, says, “This time is important as it helps strengthen the bonds between team members and gives us a chance to sit around a table and crank out a new project very quickly. Renting a house via AirBNB allows us to interact as a family and helps tighten the bonds further than getting multiple hotel rooms.”

A Music Room

Greenpal’s Nashville headquarters is home to a music room. Co-Founder Gene Caballero says, “Most of our tech employees are either musicians or play music for fun.” He says, “Playing an instrument has been scientifically proven to engage practically every area of the brain at once especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices. The brain is a muscle and learning and playing music is like a full body workout strengthens those brain functions, allowing us to apply that strength to other activities, like creativity.”

A Dog-Friendly Culture

Crowd Compass is known for their dog-friendly culture. Former Founder Dave Shanley negotiated getting employees’ dogs’ access to their new office space through a multi-million dollar space negotiation. The office also was involved in the annual Snuggle Express, an event organized by the Oregon Humane Society.

Home Cleaning Services

Dupray plays up on the fact that developers are busy people and offers home cleaning services to their employees. Their Director of Human Resources, Pierre Tremblay, says, “Today, most employees are rarely home. They’re either working very hard at the office, out for a meal, or doing an activity. People value their time and attempt to maximize efficiency towards pleasure and work. [This is why] we offer a voucher for home cleaning services.”

Profit Sharing on Projects

R&D CORE Limited offers technical employees profit sharing on the projects they’ve worked on. Thomas Papakostas, the Founder, says, “This makes them act as entrepreneurs during development, taking into account market realities and profitability in their design decisions.”

What unique benefits does your company offer your developers?

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