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It’s not easy to start recruiting developers, especially if you don’t know where to begin. There’s a whole other set of standards that you need to keep in mind when trying to attract developers. Whether you’re new to tech recruiting, or new to recruiting in general, chances are you’re eager to learn how to become an expert. Here are a few books for recruiters we recommend to familiarize yourself with the tech industry and get insight into what developers want from recruiters.


"Smart and Get Things Done: Joel Spolsky’s Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent" by Joel Spolsky

What better way to learn how to find great developers than from a developer and tech CEO? Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky shares his process of hiring tech talent and reveals how companies can appeal to the talent they’re looking to hire. (Note: We might be a little biased here.)

"Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter: A Technical Skills Primer" by Obi Ogbanufe

Written in a very logical format, this guide to technical recruiting is great for those of you who are new to recruiting tech talent. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the tech world, basic programming information (like the types of operating systems), software development strategies, and networking tips. Through this information, you can decide what kinds of questions to ask job candidates and what requirements you should be focusing on during your search.

"Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead" by Laszlo Bock

In “Work Rules!”, the process of recruiting talent is broken down by the head of People Operations at Google. The recruiting book delves into the specifics of resume building, involving your company’s employees in the hiring process, tips on how to improve performance in your prospects, and a detailed system for reaching out to great talent. This book delves into the details of how Google works and how you can follow their operational model and apply it to your own recruitment techniques.

"Building Great Software Engineering Teams: Recruiting, Hiring, and Managing Your Team from Startup to Success" by Joshua Tyler

This recruiting book provides detailed techniques for recruiting software engineers and computer programmers, and elaborates even further by telling you how to manage your tech employees in a quick-paced environment to ensure efficiency and success. Although it discusses issues specifically related to technical startups, its lessons can be applied to any sort of job recruitment.

"Agile Hiring" by Sean Landis 

Landis provides advice on how to target specific software professionals with his 20+ years of experience working for both small and large companies. He also provides a model for developing a standard of organizational hiring skills. This is great for new recruiters in general because it establishes a system.

"The Developer’s Code" by Ka Wai Cheung

This book focuses more on programming as a profession, not necessarily how to recruit programmers, but provides great insight into what programmers may be looking for in a job. Cheung covers every angle of what it’s like to be a programmer and provides detailed tips on approaching and surviving the industry. This personalization of the modern programmer will help you pinpoint the ways to recruit them for positions at your company.

"How to Speak Tech: The Non-Techie’s Guide to Technology Basics in Business" by Vinay Trivedi

This basic how-to guide is written by Vinay Trivedi, who has vast experience with tech startups. Learn the basic technological terms to understand the essentials of technical recruiting and be able to connect with your candidates. This is especially good for first-time tech recruiters with no prior experience of background in the industry.

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