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A vital component of every successful company is having an authentic employer brand. Your employer brand encompasses your company's culture, reputation, hiring process and more. It's what both prospective and current employees think of you as an organization and what that perception makes them do.

When it comes to companies and employer branding, there are a few leaders of the pack. Below are eight employer branding examples to take notes on. 

employer branding examples tech

 1.) Google- Google makes their employee perks very public—all it takes is one look at their website or overhearing a friend who visited their office to understand this. They get so much news coverage on how their company is a top place to work, so clearly their employer branding is paying off. They even have a Google+ page called “Life at Google” which is a collection of photos of employees at Google offices across the globe.

2.) Zillow. Zillow prides themselves on their culture of transparency and collaboration, and brands themselves as having “a start-up vibe with the perks of an established company.”  Zillow stands out in that their CEO, Spencer Rascoff, responds to employee reviews on Glassdoor himself. The fact that he takes time out of his day backs up their claims of transparency and enhances their company culture. It’s paying off, too—four candidates within a 30-day period said that reading the employer response solidified their decision to accept the job offer.

3.) Rackspace. Rackspace’s “Day in the Life” video perfectly summed up why the company topped Fortune’s Top Places to Work in 2014. Dave Sims, an employee who has been with Rackspace for over four years, took his camera around to capture real moments during a random day in the office. Reading the comments on the video alone shows that the company’s branding is clearly communicated to its audience.

4.) Ultimate Software. Ultimate Software focuses a large part of their employer branding efforts on targeting millennials. They realize that millennials are a crucial generation for businesses planning their future and created a unique culture with that in mind. Ultimate Software offers many career growth opportunities in a highly collaborative, technologically advanced, and innovative work environment that young professionals often seek. Their lifestyle perks aren’t too bad, either!

5.) Workday. Workday’s employer branding example particularly does well with college students. With an entire section of their website dedicated to Generation Workday, a program that is designed to develop recent college graduates into future leaders. In addition to this, Workday emphasizes the importance of fitness with their various sports teams and clubs and reimbursement of a portion of eligible fitness expenses.

6.) Intuit. Intuit has been known for how they excel in employer branding and online recruitment through the use of social media. They realize that traditional networks are being replaced by social media and have taken the lead on creating employer branding strategies through these channels.

7.) VMware. Software company VMware kills it at Instagram. Through the social media channel, VMware tells their brand’s story through personal stories, creative graphics and photos of interns (to target current college students to pursue their career at the company).

8.) Cisco. Cisco’s focus on virtual working allows employees to work the way that best suits their needs. Allowing employees to work remotely or work non-standard hours has encouraged great feedback from their current employees. Being known as a company that values virtual and remote work sets them apart from the rest. 

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