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Even though it’s a new month, the transition to a career in coding was still a main topic of conversation. We also saw some new additions to the hiring discussion, including the high demand and struggles associated with recruiting top tech talent and how companies and recruiters are handling the situation.

April Industry News

Job Applicants With a ‘Comprehensive’ LinkedIn Profile 71% More Likely to Get Interviews, Study Says (Fortune)

A new study has shown that job applicants with a robust LinkedIn profile have an increased chance in getting an interview. A hard copy or PDF version of a resume isn’t enough anymore. In addition, applicants with a more extensive LinkedIn profile (1000+ character profile summaries, 300+ connections, and past job descriptions) had a 13.5% callback rate, while those who had a minimal LinkedIn profile or lacked one altogether had a callback rate ranging from 7.2% to 7.9%. However, the profile importance diminished as position level increased.

Coding isn’t just for Geeks. It’s the future of blue-collar work. (The Globe and Mail)

As mentioned in last month’s post, the demand for tech and programming jobs is high. However, coding jobs are now becoming more accessible. For example, coal-miners in Kentucky are now changing careers and learning to code in response to the decline of the mining industry. Coding is becoming a reliable, high paying alternative to other job opportunities. And with this new demand for coders, comes the demand for easily accessible training such as on-the-job training or apprenticeships and coding bootcamps.

Amazon’s Talent Scout Has Tech’s Toughest HR Job (The Information)

Hiring top tech talent is a challenge and for Amazon it’s not any different. Beth Galetti is at the helm of the HR department and currently navigating very tough terrain. Amazon has faced scrutiny in the past, but most recently for its search in a new headquarters location. Despite the challenges, Galetti is the only female on the company’s “S-team” and the most senior female executive at the company. She has created an HR team that functions as a business, using data to fuel decision making and strategy, while also taking Amazon’s leadership principles very seriously.

Struggling To Attract Top Tech Talent? Here Are The 7 Recruiting Mistakes You’re Making (Forbes)

As we have previously seen, attracting top qualified talent is a struggle many companies face. In fact, according to a study by Bersin by Deloitte, the average recruitment process takes roughly 52 days, but top candidates are only on the market for about 10 days. As a result, companies are being forced to change their recruiting processes. Embracing and incorporating technology, while also being transparent about company culture is becoming a necessity for attracting the right candidates. Forbes explains key recruiting mistakes companies are making when it comes to their strategy and process.

Textio’s New Tool Will Take the Words Right Out Of Your Mouth - and Maybe Improve Them (Fortune)

Textio’s new tool addresses the increased impact technology has had on recruiting and hiring and caters to the growing demand for talent. Specifically, this new tool “Textio Flow” will not only offer alternative wording suggestions for job descriptions that better relate with top candidates, but will now have A.I. capabilities that will actually write the description itself. The tool is designed to provide insight into how current job postings sound and how they can be improved. Textio is not meant for one time use and was created to build on pre-existing language companies are already using.

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