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This post was updated in November 2017 with new information.

You have your tech job listing approved. You’ve worked hard to avoid a giant list of bullet points, buzzwords, and generic job expectations. You’ve even written about why your company has a great culture for its software developers and a list of your company’s benefits and perks. But does this cover everything?

Two weeks vacation, a 401k, allotted sick days -- these should always be listed as part of your company’s benefits, but they’re pretty standard and won’t get a software developer too excited. Instead, you’ll want to include some more specific benefits and offerings that tech employees would be interested in. Here are some benefits your tech team might be enjoying that you haven’t included (yet).


The Right Equipment

Do your developers get to pick whether they want to work on a PC or Mac? Laptop or desktop? One monitor or four? The freedom in choosing what type of equipment they can work on is something software developers long for, especially since it can dramatically help with how efficiently they work.

Flexibility in Technologies

In a world where programming languages are constantly evolving and being created, the ability for a company to be flexible in the languages implemented is huge. All developers have their own personal preferences in coding languages, and if they can use it to accomplish what you need, all the better. On a scale of 0-4, developers rated the importance of a tech stack at just over 3so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Access to Education

With the constant updates and changes to technology today, developers are continuously learning and enhancing their skills. Even better is a company that encourages this knack for learning and gets a developer whatever they need to keep on top of it. Books, conferences, hack-a-thons -- whatever you can support within your budget, a developer will appreciate it and you’ll get a better developer out of it as well.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of tech-related benefits, it’s a good place to start. If you haven’t already, ask your tech team what they benefits they enjoy the most and what helps them work, and then add them to your future tech job listings.

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