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You’ve found and interviewed your ideal developer candidate. There’s only one problem – they live in Arizona, and your offices are located in New York. Developers work all over the world, so often your ideal candidate isn’t waiting around in your backyard.

The tough decision then comes down to three possible outcomes; you pass on them and try to find a candidate that lives closer, you hire them and let them work remotely, or you offer a relocation package to help cover the moving costs. You’ve concluded that the hire for this specific role needs to work out of your office (so working remotely is off the table), which leads you to start Googling “relocation assistance” on your computer.

Relocation assistance packages can vary from company to company, but often include offerings such as childcare assistance, lease break coverage, lodging, storage, temporary housing, and spousal job support. There are many benefits of offering relocation to your employees, some of which are outlined below.


It allows you to reach a broader pool of talent

If you limit your search to developer candidates that only live within your large city, you’re restricting yourself immensely. Many of the world’s greatest developers don’t live in a tech hub like New York or San Francisco, so you’ll never get the opportunity to have them on your team if you don’t consider offering relocation assistance. Conversely, if you’re located in a smaller city, you may have a tough time finding anyone who wants to commute out of the city to come work for you. This is fairly common, with studies showing that more than half (54%) of mid-size firms cited a lack of qualified local talent in 2011.

It shows candidates that you value them

There are a lot of things that make relocating difficult. Some developers might need to get out of a tricky lease. Others might have to sell their current homes, find new schools for their children, and make new friends. We haven't even factored in moving costs, yet—which is why employers that offer relocation packages stand out to programmers. Companies that take the logistical challenges out of relocation send the message that they value developers and want to make their move as comfortable as possible.

You’re helping developers find their dream job

78% of employees said they were willing to relocate to pursue their dream job, with one-third even willing to move to the other side of the world. Employees who relocated for a job are also generally happier – 77% were pleased with the move, reporting benefits including making a fresh start (30%), gaining experiences that are unavailable elsewhere (29%), and higher earnings (27%). 

You could save money in the long run

Think about it this way – you hired the best person for the job, regardless of their location. You now have this new employee who is best suited for the role, which should result in goals being met (or exceeded) in a timely, efficient manner. This employee is likely to feel valued by the organization and have a sense of ownership, so they are less likely to leave the company or perform poorly. This would lead to reduced costs in turnover and training, among other cost benefits. The money you spend upfront on the relocation could pay off greatly in the long run.

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