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Post by Rich Moy on Sep 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM

If your experience is even remotely similar to mine, I bet you can think of a few occasions on which you wanted to ask a developer why he or she declined your job offer. At times, knowing how developers choose between multiple job offers can seem like an unsolvable mystery. We were curious to see what types of things developers consider when they have multiple job offers on the table, so we reached out to a few people to learn about their experiences—and what ultimately lead them to make the choices they made.  

Could I See Myself Working Here in Five Years?

Austin Stephens, an Atlanta-based web developer, told us that his decision between multiple job offers ultimately boils down to a company’s people and culture. He says, “I have to ask myself if I really liked the people I met? Can I see myself working there in five years?” Stephens added that although he researches each company online, he often learns the most through the offer letters themselves. “When an offer mentions company outings, face time with mentors and leaders, access to continued education and resources, then it makes me think the employer treats people well.”

Can I Maintain a Reasonable Work-Life Balance Here?

Joe Novalany, a web developer with ten years of experience, says the first thing he considers is whether the salary will allow him to provide for his family, but also that company culture goes a long way in determining how he chooses between jobs. Novalany told us that he considers things like dress code formality and policies around flexible work hours. “Our jobs often can be done from almost anywhere, and typically don’t meet with clients or partners where our attire needs to be formal,” he adds. “I feel I am much more productive when I am comfortable and that includes being more casual and independent so my work-life balance is satisfactory.”

Was the Interview Experience Sincere and Transparent?

Wes Johnson, a Senior Developer at TWG, told us that he takes the entire interview experience with each company into consideration. “For me, it came down to the tone and feel of the interview process,” he says. “A lot of companies either take themselves too seriously or try too hard to come across as stern and professional.” Mr. Johnson also told us that things like a conversational interview experience and opportunities to see a typical day for a company’s developers are more likely to grab his attention.

Each of the developers we spoke to made it clear that company culture is incredibly important whenever they have to choose between multiple job offers. Sure, it might be tempting to show off an in-house sauna, or other perks that you think will grab their attention, but above anything else, make sure tech candidates have plenty of opportunities to see what your company stands for at all stages of your developer hiring process. Those factors, after all, are what regularly convince developers to choose one job over a handful of others.

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