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August was a relatively quiet month when it comes to the tech hiring landscape. However, some trends still remained prominent, such as the popularity around remote work and the challenges software engineers face when going through the hiring process. The demand for skilled tech professionals is still high but some qualified candidates are not getting noticed. 

August Industry News

Are Recruiters and Hiring Managers Discounting Talent? This Fact-Based Reality Show Says Yes (Forbes) 

A new reality show has surfaced called Whiteboard Challenge that focuses on the struggles software engineers face throughout the hiring process. The show highlights age discrimination, social introversion and other issues that many times prevent qualified candidates from being considered for certain roles. The show was named after the typical tech interviewing strategy of asking engineers to solve a coding challenge. Whiteboard Challenge also discusses the best ways to navigate an interview and showcases various candidate approaches to problem-solving.

3 Ways to Wow a Tech Recruiter (Fortune)

Tech workers are constantly facing challenges when it comes to getting noticed by recruiters. As we have previously seen, the demand for skilled tech workers is there, with two-thirds of IT decision-makers adding headcount in 2019. However, according to Robert Half Technology, it’s still proving difficult for these skilled tech professionals to get noticed, with 89% of IT decision-makers saying it’s hard to find the right talent.

Some of the reasons the recruitment process is still so difficult for the job seeker are that many college grads and alumni of tech training programs, like bootcamps, lack basic skills when it comes to job searching. Caitlin Cooke, a career advisor at Pathrise, shares advice on how to overcome these struggles.  

How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain (Wired)

Remote work has been an increasingly popular trend in the tech hiring space. However, it has taken on new popularity among the rural cities and states in the US as the economic gap is widening. The demand for skilled tech workers has outpaced the supply, so many states are now offering relocation stipends and the opportunity to work remotely in the hopes of attracting skilled workers. 

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