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Angela Nyman

Angela Nyman
Angela was the Director of Marketing, EMEA at Stack Overflow. She has an extensive expertise in branding, marketing management and +12 years of experience in cross cultural management.
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Recent Posts

What Recruiters Say and What Developers Hear

I recently gave a keynote presentation on technical recruitment challenges. In this presentation, one topic that got a lot of response was on what recruiters have a tendency to say and how this sounds to developers. Recruiter jargon = big warning signs for developers.

To increase the chances of attracting, engaging with, and retaining developers, here are five expressions recruiters (or hiring managers) say, how developers interpret them, and tips on how to improve your developer communication instead.

Technical Change: 5 Reasons Why Recruitment Videos Matter

I recently attended Enhance Media’s 12th Annual Online Recruitment Conference here in London, and there were some great presentations and insights leaving me with a lot to think about. One of the presentations that really stood out for me was one from the Strategic Sales Director at Google, Alex Lowe.

Amongst many mind-blowing stats about the future of technology and recruiting, Alex spent a lot of time talking about the predominance of YouTube videos worldwide. At last count, YouTube attracts more than 1 billion unique users each month. In other words, it’s highly likely that the candidates you’re trying to attract are spending a good chunk of their time looking at videos.

To me this was very interesting, we’ve only recently started experimenting with our own recruitment video here at Stack Exchange as a way to attract new candidates to join our growing company.

#TruLondon: A Recruiting Conference That’s Not

A few weeks ago, #TruLondon and TalentNet Live brought together the brightest minds in HR and recruiting to discuss today’s pivotal recruiting trends at the University of Westminster in central London. The European Careers 2.0 team attended this two-day “unconference” to join the conversation and learn more about the current state of recruiting.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with #Tru Unconferences, each event encourages a full day of discussion where people simply get together to network, share, inspire, and be inspired. There are only four rules: no PowerPoints, no presenting, no pitching, and no name badges. #Tru events have taken place all around the world and every event follows its own pace and agenda.

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