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Chloe Celand

Chloe Celand
Chloe works in the marketing team at Stack Overflow. She posts content about developer hiring in the UK and Ireland and is the voice of @StackTalentUK.
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Recent Posts

London Tech Week 2017: The Right Approach To Hiring Developers

London Tech Week, the celebration that tech enthusiasts eagerly await each year, is just around the corner. There will undoubtedly be a lot of conversation around the demand for technical talent and the impact it has on businesses across the globe. This has us thinking about some of the key findings we've seen from our developer survey this year. 

Based off these findings we'd like to share three of the biggest barriers we've seen when it comes to hiring technical talent. We believe these insights will help you better understand the developer hiring process and prepare you to effectively engage with developers throughout London Tech Week

Top Skills for Developers in UK and Ireland

There are a number of programming technologies that developers in the UK and Ireland work with, several of which are in high demand. Over the past five years some of theses technologies have grown rapidly in popularity, which has increased the need to hire developers with the relevant skillsets. As a technical recruiter, it’s crucial that you understand and differentiate between the most important types of developers, as the success of your hiring strategy depends on it.

Hiring Developers: What Employer Branding Strategy Should You Take?

In late February, Stack Overflow organized London's first Tech Talent Week, a series of seven events related to hiring programmers and technical staff. We hosted the headline event, a panel discussion focusing on employer branding for technical talent, which featured leading experts in the field of recruitment. Our panelists included Bill Boorman, Matt Buckland, Andy Hyatt, Lauri Apple and Mali Mehmood.

There were three key employer branding strategies mentioned during the panel, all of which can be used to successfully attract and retain top talent and help grow an all-star development team. 

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