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Christine Mina

Christine Mina
Christine was a contributor for the Developer Hiring Blog. She does event coverage on NYC charity galas, restaurant launches, and film festivals.
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Recent Posts

How to Use Response Rates to Improve Your Tech Recruiting Strategy

With 98% of developers already being employed, software engineer positions are perhaps the most difficult to recruit for. The developer community is largely made up of passive job candidates--that is, candidates who aren’t on job boards but would be open to an amazing opportunity if it crossed their paths. Actively sourcing and messaging those passive candidates is a major key to developer hiring.

We don’t have to tell you twice that reaching out to developer candidates can be an exhaustive process. Once you’ve identified where to find developers, you need to craft personalized messages to candidates who seem like a right fit. You may be disappointed to see that you’re sending out dozens of messages but only getting a small fraction of the responses. At this stage, candidate response rates are a reliable way to identify what you’re getting wrong (and right).

4 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Tech Job Listing

After crafting a job posting that includes what developers care about, it can be frustrating to discover applications aren’t pouring in. There’s no denying how crucial a well-written job description is to your hiring process, but that doesn’t matter if a candidate doesn’t even read it. Here are a few reasons why your tech job listing might not be getting the attention it deserves (and what you can do to fix this). 

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