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Joe Humphries

Joe Humphries
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Recruiting for Retention

How do you know if someone is going to stick around? Well, you don’t. Your company’s number one asset is also its most unpredictable. But fear not! Here are a few ways you can take as much of the volatility out of your hiring as possible.

5 Things You’re Probably Not Doing That Drastically Improve Your Candidate Experience

Changing jobs is awfully stressful. In fact, it’s among the most stressful life events, right after “death of a close friend.” People put their entire professional profile on a sheet of paper, take time off work to sit through multiple grueling interviews, worry about adhering to interview etiquette, all the while subjecting themselves to harsh scrutiny and the potential for rejection. Being good at your job and being good at getting a job are often very different things.

As a recruiter, it’s important to do whatever you can to alleviate some of this candidate-induced stress so you can both focus on what matters most: Are you and the candidate a good match? Below are 5 ways to minimize this stress factor in your hiring process.

Start Smart: 4 Ways to Get Passive Candidates to Read Your First Message

Remember how your brothers and sisters owned all of the best toys when you were younger? As a recruiter, I feel the same way when I look for candidates—other companies already own the best ones. The smartest, most talented individuals don’t actively need to look for news jobs because their current employers keep them engaged, challenged, and well-compensated. The perfect candidates won’t just fall into your lap, so you need to go out and get them.

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