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John Umbaugh

John Umbaugh
John is a software engineer and a writer for EffectiveTechRecruiting.com. When he isn't working, he's hanging out with his family, doing something outdoorsy or playing boardgames.
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Perspectives on Effective Interviewing from a Programmer-Interviewer

Seven years ago I joined a small software company. Business was growing, and we needed to figure out how to build out our staff. We had no HR people, and I was eager to demonstrate my value, so I volunteered to man an upcoming university career fair. What I thought was a one-day thing turned into hundreds of student resume evaluations, then dozens of interviews. Without really knowing what I was doing, my recruiting career was launched.

I’ve done a lot of things wrong, and I’ve learned many things the hard way. But with time and effort, I’ve become an effective programmer-interviewer, and I owe a lot of that success to thinking carefully about how I can better apply my programming expertise to the interviewing experience.

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