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Nada Elkady

Nada Elkady
Connecting people with people, and people with viable, empowering solutions are core drivers of Nada's work at Stack Overflow. As the Director of Marketing, she also focuses on creating and implementing methodologies and tools that empower individuals and teams to reach their goals both within and outside the organization. And when she's not juggling Stack-y stuff, you'll probably find her running the streets of NY, hanging with her teen kids, or curling up on a comfy couch with a huge mug of tea, reading an inspirational book or two.
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Recent Posts

The Importance of Creating Developer Candidate Personas [Free Template]

Marketing and HR have a lot in common. At their very core is the importance of communicationcommunicating externally about their products and services, their company, their brand, and their open positions. They’re also communicating internally about buyer or candidate needs, wants, and pain points so that internal teams incorporate feedback into the products they’re building and the company cultures they’re creating.

So it’s not surprising then, that the process of finding, sourcing, and attracting candidates (recruiting) for your company is similar to the process of finding, sourcing, and attracting buyers for your products and services (marketing). The process, or context, is the same. The content and conversations might be different. But it all starts with understanding your audience.

One way you can understand your audience is by creating personas. Marketers create and use buyer personassemi-fictional representations of the ideal customer based on real data and educated speculation around buyer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Recruiters and HR professionals can create and use candidate personashiring profiles of your ideal candidate based on real data and educated speculation around candidate skill sets, qualifications, motivations, and goals. 

Here are five reasons why you need to create developer candidate personas for your hiring efforts. 

9 Misconceptions About Developers That Will Change The Way You Recruit

Recruiters and HR professionals are in a tough spot. In an era where “software is eating the world,” the demand for hiring developers to help build all that software is unprecedented -- and the supply is low. It’s not that there aren’t many developers; there are plenty. 50 million of them are on Stack Overflow alone. The challenge is that 98% of programmers are already employed, and there are currently 5 jobs out there for each of them. Recruiters therefore have the seemingly insurmountable feat of finding (where do they hang out if they’re not actively looking?), attracting (with effective job listings, great employer branding, etc.) and ultimately engaging (via authentic conversations) “potential candidates” that are both picky and not necessarily looking for a job.

Tough spot? You betcha. But there’s hope. Because you’re on a mission to help your company find the tech talent it needs to build the products, tools and systems necessary for growth. And developers are awesome. They love building things. They’ll talk to you. You just need to be cognizant of common misconceptions about developers that will kill your chances of recruiting them. Here are some of the biggest culprits:

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