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Rachel Ferrigno

Rachel Ferrigno
Rachel is the Content Marketing Manager and Developer Hiring Expert at Stack Overflow. In her spare time you can find her watching TV, playing with her cats, or working on her blog.
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Recent Posts

The Most Popular Content We Published in 2016

In 2016, we published 150 blog posts ranging in topic from writing recruiting emails to developers to providing the best technical interview experience possible. We talked to leaders in the HR space to hear their hiring secrets and interviewed developers about their career paths. From writing about new topics and including more guest bloggers, we were able to see which topics and types of content perform best. So here it is – a look at the most popular content we published in 2016.

Developer Interview: Ann Catherine Jose, Principal Software Developer at Intuit

 While browsing through Ann’s blog, one sentence of her bio really stood out to me: “She believes that building the product right is as important as building the right product.” While I hear this sentiment often from developers and product managers alike, it’s rarely put so eloquently.

With over 12 years of experience in developing software solutions on iOS and Microsoft platforms, we were eager to learn more about her career path. We chatted with Ann on everything from her background in programming to her thoughts on the future of AI.

How I Hire: Brad Brooks, Head of Product, Engineering, and Marketing at DocuSign

As the Head of Product, Engineering, and Marketing, it’s safe to say Brad Brooks knows how to effectively lead teams. At DocuSign, his teams are responsible for driving innovation across the company through data-driven research, product design, development, engineering, and technology leadership. Read on to see how Brooks builds out his teams by following DocuSign’s core values.

4 Hiring Metrics You Should be Tracking as a Tech Recruiter

Effective recruiting and hiring should be scientific – there should be hypotheses, A/B testing, and a clear strategy behind every initiative. But when things get busy and certain goals need to be met, recruiting in a scientific way can get put on the back burner. One way to ensure that you’re practicing scientific recruiting is to track certain metrics. By periodically going through these metrics, you can adjust your recruiting strategies, budget, and even your hiring sources. Here are a few of the must-have hiring metrics all tech recruiters should be tracking.

Learn How These 4 CTOs Recruit and Hire Developers

The job responsibilities of a CTO vary greatly depending on the size of the company, the leadership, and the presence of an HR department. But even the busiest of CTOs still find the time to be somewhat involved in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process of their future technical reports. We spoke to a handful of CTOs across the globe to learn more about their specific recruiting practices, tips, and tricks.

Developer Interview: Rich Leland, Director of Growth Engineering at SparkPost

You could say that Rich Leland spends most of his time with developers on his mind. Whether he's overseeing his team of developers, creating developer relations strategies, or writing content for developers, he's working to make sure SparkPost's developer community is the best it can be. We caught up with Rich to learn more about how he started coding, his experience with recruiters, and where he sees the world of technology going in 10 years.

How I Hire: Toni Martinez, Engineering Director at Softonic

To effectively hire and manage the best engineers, you must have a passion for people. Toni Martinez has just that – an extensive background as a developer and technician, and multiple roles leading teams as a Project Manager or Development Manager. Currently the Engineering Director at Softonic, world’s top Multiplatform Software Guide, Martinez oversees an engineering team. Read on to learn about how he uses “hiring committees” to recruit and employ the best tech talent.

The Importance of Exit Interview Feedback from Developers

Employee retention is hard. Retaining technical employees is even harder. Developers receive an absurd amount of emails from recruiters every week, each one tempting them with cooler benefits, a larger paycheck, or an innovative new product to work on.  Developers like challenges – and if they feel like their current role is getting stale and not allowing them to explore and grow in the way they want to, another company might snatch them up.

One incredibly useful tool that can help with developer retention is to conduct proper exit interviews. Exit interviews – when conducted effectively, of course – are a great way to evaluate your current structures (whether that be something physical like benefits or salary, or something less tangible like career growth plans) and assess what changes should be made.

How I Hire: Arun Umapathy, CEO of Devshop

While Arun Umapathy’s current title is CEO, it’s his background as a developer that gives him a unique edge leading a NYC-based development shop. Over the course of his career he’s started four companies, providing him with the expertise needed to make those important hires that are critical to business. Read on to learn more about Umapathy’s thoughts on everything from code reviews to the unlikely place he interviewed his first employee.

Developer Interview: Ann Gaffigan, CTO of National Land Realty

It’s hard to find something that Ann Gaffigan doesn’t do. Between growing her own web and systems development business, working as a CTO for the fastest-growing land brokerage firm in the nation, and serving on the USA Track and Field Athletes Advisory Committee, it’s inspiring to see a woman who can truly do it all.

We chatted with Gaffigan about her early programming days and what a typical day looks like as a CTO.

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