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Rachel Ferrigno

Rachel Ferrigno
Rachel is the Senior Manager, Inbound Marketing at Stack Overflow. In her spare time you can find her watching TV, playing with her cats, or working on her blog.
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Recent Posts

Hiring Developers in the Nordics: 3 Things to Implement for Success

Companies hiring technical roles in the Nordics have a unique set of challenges, ranging from a high level of overall employment to a rise in job and task automation. Because of these challenges, companies are forced to “think outside the box” when it comes to their hiring strategies, particularly for developers. Here are three things your company can implement for potential success.

Learn All About Developers with the 2018 Developer Hiring Landscape

The 2018 Developer Hiring Landscape covers everything you need to know about developers, including basic demographics, the education they've completed, employment status, salaries, favorite technologies, and more.

Over 100,000 respondents from around the world participated this year, making it the world’s largest and most comprehensive developer survey.

Here are some of the major findings from this year’s survey. You can download the full report to see more.

The Most Popular Content We Published in 2017

2017 is coming to a close, so now is a better time than ever to reflect on what we've learned this year. Popular topics in tech recruiting this year included how to hire data scientists, developer compensation trends, and (as always) employer branding

Here are the most popular blog posts we published in 2017. Which one was your favorite? 

What are the Highest-Paying States for Developers?

Paying your developers a fair salary is important to both your current and future technical teams. While there is no magic formula for calculating the ideal salary for a developer, there are some guidelines you can follow. Criteria such as years of experience, proficiency using unique tech stacks, and even the cost of living all should be taken into account prior to posting an open role. 

Want to know what the average developer earns in your state? Here are the 10 highest-paying states for developers. 

How to Find a CTO for Your Company

You know how hard it is to find the right developer for your company -- now multiply that by 10. That’s how difficult it can be to find the right CTO for your company. This person not only needs to have experience on the technical side but also a good deal of leadership and management experience. While the role can vary greatly from place to place, here are a few high-level tips to keep in mind when trying to find a CTO for your company.  

The State of Technical Hiring in NYC

New York City is known for many things: its rich culture, diverse population, and notable landmarks, to name a few. But over the past few years, it’s becoming known for its booming tech scene. Often dubbed “Silicon Alley,” the city is home to a diverse pool of technical talent, numerous company headquarters, and a strong venture capital presence.

Do You Have an Employer Branding Budget? Here's Why You Should.

Most developers already have jobs (so they aren’t actively looking for a new one), which is why employer branding is so crucial. If your employer brand doesn’t grab a developer’s attention, they’ll quickly move on to something else. But when it’s done well, your employer branding strategy can get even the most passive candidates excited about joining your company.

There’s no one secret formula to successful employer branding. Some companies use their internal employees to create their branding content, while others only allow HR or marketing to touch it. Some companies spend thousands of dollars a month, while others don’t spend a dime. If you fall into the latter, it might be time to revisit. Here’s why.

5 Stats About NYC Developers You Need to Know

New York City is home to a diverse pool of technical talent, numerous company headquarters, and a strong venture capital presence. NYC-based companies that operate in industries ranging from financial technology to digital media are all on the hunt to hire their next developer (or their next 50). 

With such a competitive landscape, how can companies in NYC understand the market and better reach their ideal candidates? By looking at data such as the average NYC developer salary, job status, and technology preferences, you’ll have a solid foundation for hiring.

Here are five of the main takeaways from our recent report, The NYC Developer Hiring Ecosystem, that will help you with your tech hiring efforts.  

3 Essential Components of an Employee Development Program

One of the most common ways to make your employees feel valued in the workplace is to offer some type of development program. Whether this is one-on-one coaching, a company-wide personal development program, or offering education programs, these initiatives should benefit both the employee and the employer.

This rings especially true for developers, who rated “opportunities for professional development” as the #1 thing they look for when assessing a potential job. Whether they want to advance up the ranks at their current company or learn new skills to support them in the long-run, working for companies that offer these programs is very important to them.

Based on information from one of my favorite HR-related books, Misplaced Talent, here are three essential components of an employee development program, as well as unique tips on how to roll out these programs to your developers.

How Recruiting and Marketing Are Similar: What You Should Know

You’ve likely heard of the term “recruitment marketing”—the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. But what if we break that down and look at marketing and recruiting separately? As you think about it more and more, you’ll realize just how similar the two fields are.

The similarities between recruiting and marketing are so interesting to us here at Stack Overflow, we even hosted a webinar on it, called “Think Like a Marketer, Act Like a Recruiter.”

Here are a few ways that marketing and recruiting are similar, and how you can use these similarities and concepts in your developer hiring strategy moving forward.

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