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Rebecca Corliss

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss is from Owl Labs and has a passion for helping remote workers. She is on a mission to help make work and meetings better for remote workers.

Recent Posts

7 Remote Work Fails to Avoid in 2018

In 2017, 52% of employees worked remotely at least once a week. Engineers, product managers and marketers alike are adapting to a flexible work style to improve their work-life balance and increase focused work time. (Wouldn’t you want to get rid of that nasty commute?)

We at Owl Labs are 40% remote ourselves, and we love to experiment with new ways to support our own distributed team. However, some companies are unsure how to adapt.

If there’s one key point you take away, let it be this. Data shows that remote and flexible work is becoming a standard practice. With that, we need to stop over optimizing for the in-office employee and instead take a balanced approach.

Use this post as a checklist to keep your organization in check.

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