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It's no secret that salary plays a large part in deciding whether or not to take a new job. (Developers rated it the second-most important aspect when assessing a potential job, after all. ) 

Between the data we get from our annual developer survey and our recently-launched Salary Calculator, we're always aware of developer salary trends around the world. 

Here are a few stats about developer salaries that you should be aware of, whether you work in Human Resources or Engineering.

Job listings that include salary information receive 60-75% more clicks

We’ve mentioned this many times before – developers want to have an idea of the job’s salary before they apply to the job or respond to your recruiting email. But to really prove the importance of this salary transparency, our internal team ran an experiment on Stack Overflow Talent.

job listings ab test.png

The experiment consisted of A/B testing job ads with and without salary information.  While we expected to see some sort of improvement, we were surprised by the size: a 75% average increase in click through rate (CTR) when we showed a job’s salary range.

Now you’re probably thinking, “But what if my salary isn’t high? What if it’s not comparable to what Google is offering?” Don’t worry. We found that showing any salary range led to an increase in CTR, though higher salaries led to a greater bump. For American jobs, we saw roughly a 60% increase for jobs with salary ranges centered below $100K, and about a 100% increase (doubling) for salaries above $100K.

The bottom line? Include salary information throughout the hiring process- especially in your job ads, listings, and recruiting emails. Even if it’s just a range, it’s better than nothing.

The most highly-paid developer role in the U.S. and Canada is a DevOps Specialist

DevOps Specialists in the US earned an average salary of $88,200, while those in Canada earned $55,000. DevOps Specialists in general command higher salaries since the role is so heavily specialized. Often, these engineers possess a variety of technical skills, relying on a combination of business, organizational, and interpersonal abilities to best support the team or user he or she is supporting.

highly paid developers in north america.png

Developers who use Clojure, Rust, Go, and Perl are paid more even given how much experience they have.

Developers using languages listed above the blue line in the chart below are being paid more even given how much experience they have. If you’re recruiting developers who work with these languages, you can expect to pay them more than others.

developer salary and experience correlation.png

Need some extra help? You can use our Technology Ecosystems Cheat Sheet to see which programming languages correlate to which developer type/job title.

45% of developers say they are “somewhat underpaid”

It sounds simple enough, but so many companies don’t evaluate their current salaries on an ongoing basis. It’s a good idea to conduct salary analysis for every developer role you’re hiring for. Because some roles are in higher demand than others, it’s important not to assign a blanket “developer” salary to them.

During your recruiting and interviewing process, keep track of how the candidates feel about your offered salaries. Are they always negotiating for more, or do they generally accept what you’re offering? Then, do the same for your current employees. You want to retain them, and paying close attention to their salary is a great way to do this.

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