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Post by Rich Moy on Mar 5, 2019 12:00:00 PM

February is a short month but was long on articles about the tech hiring landscape.

New research suggested that companies are struggling to find candidates with the right combination of technical and soft skills. Multiple outlets also reported on the evolving (and complicated) role of artificial intelligence in recruiting.

Updates about emerging technologies, new recruiting tactics, and the best cities for innovation are prominent in this edition of our monthly news roundup. And “a glimpse at the year ahead” posts from thought leaders continued to surface, including an insightful piece from Bill Gates.

February News Updates 

AI Adoption Held Back by Company Culture, Talent Shortage, Data Issues (Wall Street Journal)

O’Reilly Media’s Ben Lorica sat down with The Wall Street Journal to discuss adoption rates of artificial intelligence. Lorica highlighted the talent shortage in machine learning and data science as a major obstacle for companies looking to leverage AI. But he also says a recent uptick in internal training courses might eventually decrease the talent gap for these roles.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2019 (MIT Technology Review)

MIT asked Bill Gates to curate a list of technologies that will make headlines and impact the global economy in 2019. Gates called out innovations in smart watch heart rate monitors, improved robot dexterity, and sanitation without sewers as his top picks for this year and beyond.

How Verizon Media Beefs Up Cybersecurity With Red Teams and Bounties (CIO Dive)

CIO Dive interviewed Verizon’s CISO Chris Nims to learn how he built the company’s high-performing cybersecurity team. Nims explained that his strategy called for a “red team” of developers who think like hackers and are tasked with testing the company’s security capabilities every day. He added, "If our cyber defense team can catch our red team, then in theory, we should catch a real adversary as well.”

The Largest Skills Gap Managers See in IT Workers Isn't Technical (Quartz)

A recent report by Cisco found that while most executives agree that the IT talent gap is preventing them from transforming quickly, the biggest skills gap isn’t technical. 42% of respondents said that business acumen is the primary skills gap in IT. Lila MacLellan reported that gaps in soft skills outpaced the absence of what Cisco labelled technical skills and expertise.

What New Tactics Are Companies Using to Recruit Hires? (TechRepublic)

Senior Editor Alison DeNisco Rayome spoke to HR experts at Gartner and Forrester Research about the outside-the-box tactics companies are using to attract tech talent. In addition to the growing role of AI and “acquihiring” in talent acquisition, Rayome says that some organizations have begun creating career journeys for candidates at the beginning of the interview process.

Recruitment Startups Realize, With The Help Of AI, Less Is More (Crunchbase)

Savannah Dowling reports that while entrepreneurs feel pressure to hire experienced talent, artificial intelligence isn’t quite as helpful as many perceive it to be. ZipRecruiter’s Ian Siegel told Dowling, “Having somebody recruit you is intoxicating. There’s still a high value in having a human being be the one to reach out and do the engagement with that candidate to try and entice them to apply to that company’s job.”

New York Beats Out San Francisco to Be World’s Best Tech City (Bloomberg)

A study published by real estate brokerage Savills Plc found that New York ranks as the best city in the world for technology. Citing its volume of venture capital cash and growing talent pools, New York pulled ahead of established tech hubs like San Francisco and London.

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