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Web development languages are often a requirement for tech job listings. Prospective employees want to know if the company’s tech team works with a preferred language, as well as if they’ll have the flexibility to work with different languages in the future. Employers shouldn’t focus just on which languages are the most popular or high-paying, but also look into the structure and problem-solving abilities of each.

Proficiency in some software and web development languages is seen as more valuable to employers than others. For example, we've found that employers are offering the highest salaries to developers with experience of using niche or emerging technologies. A shortage of certain skills in the workforce is just one factor that leads employers to pay a premium when hiring for a specific skill set.

top web development languages

Technology is an ever-changing field, so it’s crucial to keep up-to-date on the latest web development languages and software. Developers should focus on and choose a language that best fits into their career growth plan, and employers should focus on catering to the developer’s individual skills.

The most popular programming language isn’t guaranteed to allow you to earn the most money or consistently find a job, but our survey results are a good reference point to take into consideration.

Top-Paying Languages in the US

  1. Objective-C- $98,828
  2. Node.js- $96,539
  3. C#- $94,280
  4. C++-  $91,739
  5. SQL- $91,431
  6. C- $91,264
  7. Ruby- $90,536
  8. JavaScript- $90,259
  9. Java- $89,054
  10. Python- $88,966
  11. PHP- $77,322


Top-Paying Languages in Western Europe

  1. Ruby- $60,000
  2. C#- $59,978
  3. Node.js- $59,227
  4. Objective-C- $58,688
  5. C++- $56,680
  6. Python- $56,192
  7. SQL- $55,740
  8. JavaScript- $55,425
  9. C- $55,259
  10. Java- $53,404
  11.  PHP- $46,060


It’s important to note that it’s unlikely that learning any programming language could be considered a bad investment these days, with competition for employers to hire the best crop of technical talent they can find. developer hiring survey


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