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Companies hiring technical roles in the Nordics have a unique set of challenges, ranging from a high level of overall employment to a rise in job and task automation. Because of these challenges, companies are forced to “think outside the box” when it comes to their hiring strategies, particularly for developers. Here are three things your company can implement for potential success.

Look Outside of the Local Talent Pool

If you truly want to find the best person for the job, you may have to look outside of a 15-mile radius of your office. It’s best to try to be open-minded about where the applications come from, as most EU-based candidates would quickly adjust to the Nordic working culture.

Why do we say this? Companies in the Nordics are typically known for their focus on work-life balance, their flat management structure, and a lack of micro-managing. It’s hard to find a candidate who would object to any of those policies and viewpoints.

Robert Käck, Global Talent and Culture Director at iZettle, says "At iZettle, we have employees from 45 different countries and we aim to to attract talent both within the EU and from the rest of the world. 

Recently, we've experienced an increased interest among international candidates when discussing a potential move to Stockholm, which is really exciting. Job seekers know that Sweden is the home to some of the most successful global brands, and offers good employee benefits through smart government policies and great company cultures."

Need even more proof that looking outside of your local talent pool is worth your time? We found that Nordic companies that target countries outside the EU in their Stack Overflow Talent job listings get on average 10x more applications than those who do not. They also see 3x more views on their jobs.

Offer Visa Sponsorship or Relocation Packages

If you are open to international candidates, offering visa sponsorship or relocation packages are two good strategies. Certified Danish companies offering a fast-track scheme, for example, can recruit foreign employees with special qualifications to work in Denmark. Candidates who fall into this bucket can have a quick and flexible job start at the company.

We found that companies in the Nordics that offer visa sponsorship in their Stack Overflow Talent job lists get on average 10x more applications than those who do not. They also receive 4x more views on their jobs.

If your management team is insure about the benefits of providing visa sponsorship or relocation packages, you’re not alone. But the bottom line is that if you aren’t offering it, someone else will. (And they’ll be the ones snagging your dream candidates). In fact, in 2016, 37% of visa holders worked at these 20 companies.

Spend Time on Your Employer Brand

In order to attract local candidates, you’ll need to have a good employer brand. This is especially true in areas where competition for technical talent is fierce, like Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, and the Oresund Region. As a matter of fact, 49% of respondents in this survey by LinkedIn said they considered elevating the employer brand to be a long-lasting trend.

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