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Post by Rich Moy on Oct 24, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Remote working options don’t always speak for themselves, especially when it comes to writing job listings that resonate with developers. Sure, you could include a line or two about how you’ll consider candidates located beyond your city limits, but it takes much more than that to attract the right developers. Remote developers want to be sure that they’ll have the tools and support they need to get their jobs done, regardless of the fact that they work from home. To help you tell a more compelling story to candidates who can’t commute to your headquarters, use these tips to write tech job listings that remote developers want to read.  

Highlight Your Company’s Commitment to Remote Work

David Fullerton, VP of Engineering here at Stack Overflow, wrote that working on a distributed team requires a commitment from every single person on the team. Not only is this level of engagement critical to your current developers, but it's also often one of the first things remote candidates look for when they consider and compare tech job listings. If your team has blog posts or a page on its website about how it approaches remote work, include links to those assets in your job listings. However, if your engineering team is newer to supporting a distributed team, share a few details of your company’s action plan for making remote developers a part of your entire organization.

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Show Developers the Tools You Use for Communication

Naturally, communication between teammates isn’t quite as straightforward when some (or all) of your developers work remotely. There are fewer opportunities to stop by someone’s desk to ask a question or even just to commiserate without being intentional about setting up a time to do so. Like all developers, remote candidates are curious to know more about the tech languages your company uses for development. However, they also want to know more about the tools your team uses to communicate with one another. Use your tech job listings to share details about the tools you use to communicate about critical projects, as well as your team’s approach to making sure that everyone feels included in what’s happening around the office.

Avoid Selling Office Perks They Can’t Enjoy

Even if your company offers daily massages, free meals, and just installed a water slide, the reality is that remote developers just cannot take advantage of the perks you offer the employees who commute to your headquarters. If you’re trying to recruit candidates outside of your location, highlighting these things in your tech job listings is a good way to make remote candidates quickly decide to look elsewhere for their next jobs. Instead, use your tech job listings to showcase the amenities that you can offer to your remote developers. Things like top-of-the-line equipment and Internet reimbursement not only get the attention of developers who prefer working remotely but are also an excellent way to pique the interest of someone who’s on the fence about setting up shop at home.

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